…that i do a real post!
Welcome… to a full days menu- complete with the COOKING of DINNER! (gasp) I know. its been a while.
For breakfast today, I opened up some greek Yogurt! Oh yeah, I have missed this glorious stuff. I got a shipment last night from fresh direct of the sweetest strawberries and knew I had some yogurt to go with it. Very little sugar required for this batch of strawberries! They were perfect and I got a free order of strawberries so im in heaven. I took a shot of the yogurt bar i made at my desk…

then the finished product to go with my double tall skinny extra hot cinnamon dolce latte. It was a yummy breakfast. One that I enjoyed for hours because I kept getting interupted as I was entering my yogurtopia. I maintain that they were jealous – but it was good to the last drop- so there!

Along with my fresh fruit, I got some amazingly fresh Ciabatta rolls that I ordered for some hearthy sandwiches. I was getting tired of the sandwich thins and really wanted something along the lines of a roll and these were just right. they are about 3 inches long and pretty thick… i can bet they will be mighty filling!

I dabbed on some lettuce, with mayo/dijon mustard (together is heaven)

and added some smoky virginia ham and muenster cheese. On the side, (not pictured) were some baked cheetos and a crunchy sweet pear. I was quite full and glad to have something different for a change.
Changing your daily eating routine can help if you have constant cravings. trick your mind by chaning up the routine…. and if that doesnt work- u might be preggers… j/k.
I actually cooked!
I was celebrating Mickeys’ first successful day in her new crate sans accidents/crying/howling/ etc.
I got this amazing chuck fillet for dirt cheap last week and spiced it with some Montreal steak seasoning (coarse salt, pepper onion and garlic)
And threw the sucka on a hot grill pan. I let it cook for a while (till it was still a lil red inside) I like it rare (only when im home- at restaurants i like ’em med rare)

Lookadat hunk-a-meat.

I nuked some taters for some baked potato lovin.

and boiled a a head of broccoli in butter and garlic.

TADA! I ate 1/3 of the massive hunkameat and thought this was hands down the best dinner i have made myself spontaneously in a LONG time. it was good. I have leftovers. Im thrilled.