Dad and I do the lunch thing about once a week. This week was his turn to treat and my turn to pick the spot. We heard through the grapevine that our favorite dinnertime spot opened up a restaurant in lower manhattan (my neck of the woods) and they had a lunch menu! The place: Sazon! Created by the people who run Sofrito! Remember Sofrito? the place with the $23 paella…or should I say the best freaking Paella I have ever had in my food loving life? Right.

Sazon has only been open for 3 weeks now… and I have no complaints yet.

The place was empty when we got there, its still new and it was kinda early for lunch. The decor seems a little upscale for lunch but i hear they have a kicking night life! With live music on the weekends and a huge dancefloor in the basement! They seated us and served us some warm texas toast and a garlic white bean dip that was mild, creamy and delicious. Yes we ate all of it.

They had an interesting sandwich menu so Poppa and I ordered sammies. Dad got the Jibarra de bistec. Essentially thats fancy for saying Plantain sandwich with skirt steak. The plantains were the Bread and inside was a thick piece of med rare skirt steak with onions, cheese, avocado, and lettuce and tomato. It was not greasy. it was perfect. There was also a lovely corn-cilantro salad on the side that was especially yummy with a drop of their homemade hot sauce!

I had El Cubano. A Cuban Sandwich which is served toasted panini style. Its packed with roast pork (pernil), smoked ham (jamon), swiss cheese (queso), mustard and pickles. One the side were some yucca fries, homefry style. Im sorry to say I ate every single freakin bite of this sandwich. It was crisp- not a touch of grease (which is unlike the cuban sammie everywhere else), packed with meat and really really memorable.
Dad and I are thrilled to have found this place so early in the game. We would like to keep coming back and add it into our rotation!
the best part about this place?
They have the same dinner menu as Sofrito but even better is that they have authentic Rican Lunch items for a really good price. Dad and I ate lunch and were stuffed- our check for the entire tab was… $20. My kinda lunch.
RUN to Sazon. Its the kind of place thats going to SOAR in these economic times when a good lunch will cost you less than $20 for TWO!