Will this weather ever make up its mind? Its already been sunny and rainny in a matter of 3 hrs! gaaaah.
I woke up this morning… FAMISHED… at 6 am.
So looking at the ripe banana on my counter and the fresh milk that was delivered a few days ago, i made a lil cereal. Cereal is such a comfort food! After my cereal I was revved up for my walk with Mickey! It was a good walk and I felt more energized.

Then a few hours later i was starving and had to have my real brekkie which is strawberry banana yogurt with granola and honey. UGH! SO Freaking good!!!

I couldnt wait for lunch because I used the leftover pesto from the pizza party and used it to dress my turkey sammie.

I topped it with the same 4 cheese combo that was on the pizza.

And added honey roasted turkey and lettuce.
It made for quite a fancy lunch! It smelled a lil though… but no real complaints because it was goooooooood. Oh and I had baked cheetos too. Drool.

This is a japanese chocolate candy… kind of tastes like Mochi. it was a but messy- but satisfied my chocolate craving.