Happy Hump Day. I’m going to catch you guys up quickly. I just have to say that I’m officially DONE with the rainy weather. Its making me sleepy, cranky, un-productive and Lazy! I had pics ready for yesterday but I didnt feel like resizing them- lazy diva.
So, On Monday, one of the paralegals was secretly celebrating a birthday and came by to offer me a beautiful chocolate covered strawberry.
*Snatch* Hell yeah I want two of the best things put together on a stick! a big ripe strawberry dipped in chocolate.

At lunch time I unpacked my Virginia Ham, Cheese, dijon mustard and mayo sammie and enjoyed it with some of trader Joes Immitation pop Chips… which I must say are really really good! No worries Pop Chips- TJs only has two flavors! and your other flavors rock my world – but the TJs brand did just what I needed it to do. Satisfy a need to crunch.
Mid-day, when im feeling the “i cant wait to go home” slump, I peeled an orange. A Note about Oranges. Not all oranges Peel the same way. Not all oranges are EATEN the same way… so when i bought these JUICE Oranges from fresh direct that were considered peak produce, I bought TEN. TEE, EEE, ENN, TEN. I enjoyed a slice of this lovely orange in a Blue Moon at home and then started to peel this baby at work, a million hours later I was left with this. The Juice, hence being a juice orange, was superb! but the skin on this baby is tough. Not like my beloved Navel oranges (that were almost $1 a piece on Fresh Direct!)
Note to self, no more juice oranges for eating…. unless im thirsty.

In a funk, as usual, when i get home after feeding and walking doggy, i have no motivation to cook anything. So, I put up a pot of boiling water and made some Trader Joes Pot Stickers. Pork and Chive variety. YUMMY! and some soy sauce for dipping- though I would love to buy some dumpling sauce for future use (any leads would be GREATLY appreciated!)

And feeling greedy I had two veggie egg rolls, ALSO from Trader Joes. I must eat with my eyes first. Half of this stuff went right back in the fridge.

Berries! for my yogurt. I mean how many images of my yogurt do you need? I thought these berries looked fab so heres a gorgeous pic og them! they were so sweet and yummy too! (secrets in the sugar!)

Around 11 i was desperate for a nosh so i took out my crinkle sticks and ended up finishing the bag that i was going ot enjoy with my lunch! Damn Diva…

Here’s Plan B: Chicken Veggetable Soup. It was very comforting on the disgusting rainy day yesterday. I dipped my sammie into it. I loved the heartiness of this soup becuase of all the veggies in it, and it seemed as though it was pureed before being served- So it was thick and creamy. YUM.

It was a great combo for lunch. I was extremly full and ready for a nap. Thats when I might have closed my eyes and napped for a few minutes.
A friend sent me a funny email about My Nap:
NUMBER 5: They told me at the Blood Bank this might happen.
NUMBER 4: ‘This is just a 15 minute power nap they raved about in the time-management course you sent me to.
NUMBER 3: ‘Whew! Guess I left the top off the White-out. You probably got here just in time!
NUMBER 2:Did you ever notice sound coming out of these keyboards when you put your ear down real close?
Number 1:(Raising your head slowly) ‘…in Jesus’ name, Amen
Tee Hee!
When I got home I did a quick list of things in my fridge that i need to eat up… first thing on the list eggs… second, Broccoli.
We’re having frittata kids!
4 cheese broccoli fritatta.

It was heavenly… and I have leftovers so it will be for breakfast until Friday.

There were 10 eggs in my frittata! it was fluffy and flavorful. I used parmesean, asiago, mozzarella, and provolone along with one head of broccoli.

With the other excess fresh produce about to spoil, I made a crock pot mish mosh (which is cooking right now) loaded with lots of herbs, spices, and good intentions! I hope it comes out edible! LOL. Will let you know how the return of the crock pot fares!