Summer has begun…I know this because every friday at work since Memorial Day has been GHOST TOWN! I like to look busy or keep myself occupied with a good book. Mom let me borrow this copy of Love The One You’re With by Emily Giffin… So Far, LOVING IT.

I read some chapters at my desk while munching on this sausage and cheddar wonderment on an english muffin and a grande coffee.

It was very yummy- and after 2 hrs of straight reading, i started to doze off a lil. So I stopped and started to read my blogs. I find the latest food cart/truck drama to be compelling so i do a lil reading on that. the pictures help LOL.

I snacked on a few slices of sugary sweet pineapple that was awesomely ripe! It didnt last long because the smell of fresh pineapple wafted down the halls and the vultures came running. They’re lucky i share.

Dad called and requested Spaghetti Western… I obliged- i love lunch with Dad!

He got pizza… I got the special of the day which was chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, avocado and pesto pressed in the biggest panini i have ever seen with yummy shoestring fries! Oh and a slice of melon for dessert- DEE LISH.

Then i got a pressie from my coworker. Gotta love a chocolate fix at 4pm!