What can I say???
I’m on a Roll!
and My Boss is on vacay!
For brekkie today, I brought in a frozen Lenders Bagel that I toasted in my coworkers office (thanks Jen!) and smeared with my Naturally Nutty vanilla Almond Butter… or should I say Crack spread. This spread has the texture of a chunky peanut butter but the taste of heaven. Its not you average almond butter which can be a bit on the “weird side” for me… but the infusion of vanilla into this spread really livens it up and makes it sweet, but not overly sweet and healthy but not healthy tasting.
I paired the bagel and almond butter with a room temperature Royal gala Apple. Gala apples are by far my favorite apples. They taste great with nut butters and are an amazing compliment to Cheese and Crackers. These babies cost a little more than regular apples (usually $1.79/lb) but they are worth it. I love the level of sweetness and the texture of the skin.

For Lunch today, thanks to the generosity of my friends at PopChips. I will be having one of their newest flavors. They sent me Cheddar and Sour Cream and onion…. so being a die hard cheese lover, i went with the cheddar popchips to join my sandwich. I am enjoying a Lite turkey breast, muenster cheese, Garlic Aioli sauce, lite mayo and lettuce sandwich on two fluffy slices of potato bread.
I might even put the chips IN the sandwich.
Oh yes, I might!
I dont know what im gonna make for dinner… but there are some pork chops in the freezer that need some Crock Pot Lovin…. Anyone think a jar of Peach salsa and some pork chops in the crock sound appetizing? I need tips!