Strawberries are officially in season! Every time i get my strawberries, I pack a single serving, rinse and slice them and sprinkle them with sugar for the next days enjoyment. Overnight a lovely juice forms in the container with all the berry-sweetness that makes people jealous and curious about my ALWAYS SWEET and YUMMY strawberries.
I bought a TJs Honey Greek Yogurt for dipping. I didnt like it. The yogurt was too sweet and on the thin side. I like a thick and creamy yogurt with a touch of honey for a slight sweetness. But when the yogurt is runny- theres a lot of HONEY in it. So next time it will be the plain for me.

At lunch time I was craving a big green salad. So I walked over to Worth Cafe and ordered a low fat Caesar Salad. I got all the yummy fixings for less calories. and the bill was $8.95 – not bad. The salad was refreshing and not to filling (where I’m ready for a nap). It held me over till dinner where a surprise awaited me.

Being grateful for the mussels I cooked up for him the other night, Henry decided that I deserved a treat too. So he came over with scallops and little neck clams and got to work in the kitchen. I was not allowed to check on him nor was I allowed to get up from watching tv. I was told to relax.
Henry made something very similar to what I had made the other night. the only difference was the addition of the scallops and the time it took to cook.
He made garlic bread that was to die for. And the clams took really well to the sauce which was also spicy. My favorite part however were the scallops that he seared before tossing into what he called his seafood stew. I must have eaten all of them. The clams are a little more salty than the mussels were and required a bit of soaking before they were cooked… but all in all it was a great dinner. We ate out of the bowl family style.
I believe the best part came after dinner though. I always say I will clean if you cook, so when I got up to do the dishes he said NO, Sit Down. Relax. So i picked up Mickey and sat her on my lap as we watched Kung Fu Panda again ( i think she likes that cartoon). And when i went to the kitchen for a drink of water… AKA check the kitchen, there was no sign Henry was even cooking.
He is definitely a keeper!