Sundays are big days for Mickey.
Those are the mornings where we go to the park for Doggy Social and hang out for about 2 hrs. She gets to run after other dogs and play.
Today though she was roughed (ruffed LOL) up a bit and we had to leave early. 6 big dogs were having too much fun bullying my baby around so we left and I picked up brekkie on the way home.

Had a coupon for a free coolatta so i used it up. I had a coolatta a long time ago and it was terrible. I think they changed their recipe because it was actually pretty good. I also got a bagel with bacon and eggs. It wasnt the greatest. I mostly enjoyed my coolatta.

I was wondering Why Mickey was being so quiet… and i found her passed out on the floor. Poor thing. She slept like all day! I think the big dogs scared her to sleep.
When I came back Henry brought over some BBQ from his parents house! I love the smell of BBQ.

And my favorite part of all was the morcilla aka blood sausage YUM! So i had on my plate: pork tenderloin, skirt steak, chicken, blood sausage, mac salad, and grilled taters. I ate a bite of each. It was great!