On Friday, July 3rd, I was home and decided to whip out the new griddle pan and put the blueberries that i had in the fridge to good use. BLUEBERRY PANCAKES. First , i sweetened these babies with some SHUGA and let them chill out while I made the batter.

I got lucky because it was the last of the pancake batter! GASP! But dont worry- it was just me eating and it made enough for two.

Once everything was mixed in, i added the blueberries and gave them a lil smush. so the batter gets purpley- it didnt work.

TA-DA! The griddle pan. Its so awesome. I can probably use this thing on my dining table in my living room because- its electric (boogy-woogy-woogy – i guess the 80’s babies might get that joke)

It was non-stick so it didnt need oil. they cooked for 2 minutes on each side.

Fluffy! and fast cooking!

With some syrup…these babies were A-Mazing!
Since brekkie was so yummy- i wasnt hungry till dinner time. When Henry and I ordered some japanese food. I had dental work recently and still cant handle crunchy or hard food… so sushi felt good.


We both LOVE Salmon! And when i took a cooking class last year Chef Scott and Vicki taught us that you should never drink Sake with Sushi because both are “rice” products. In order for a drink to bring out all the flavor in your food it has to be different… like Beer and sushi- those go GREAT together. Its almost like a palatte cleanser.
Henry and i got sleepy and went to bed early becuase we had to get up early for the bronx Zoo on the 4th! stay tuned for pics.