I cannot remember the last time I did a restaurant review.
On Sunday, Henry and I had to run some household errands and thought it was a good opportunity to try Kane’s Diner on College Point Boulevard in Flushing New York. Kane’s looks like a hole in the wall, with cheesy old school diner decor that is small on the inside like a train box car from the old days.
The waitresses are always friendly and tell you to sit anywhere when you come in.
Menus are already on the table. Its overwhelming for people like me who like a little order to their menu. I found myseld just looking at the pictures and the celebrities who ate the food. Everything looked good. And the prices? Good Lord were they amazing!

We both said coffee simultaneously when the waitress asked what we would like and the coffee came piping hot and with a kettle for quick and free refills- NICE. I wouldnt say this was the best coffee in the world but for dinerfare- not bad.

Henry was quick to choose what he wanted- whereas I was still thinking but we decided to order things we can each try. He decided on the morning kiss. for $8.99, he got 3 buttermilk pancakes…

…bacon, sausage, homefries (the real kind), and a 3 egg omlette with cheese, mushrooms, pepper, ham, and onions. Did i mention that was all $8.99?
Moving right along.
I went ahead and decided to get the country steak with eggs, and grits. I got three sunny side eggs, cheddar cheese grits, and a big ass steak that i split with Henry and still had at least 4 oz to take home! All of that for $9.99

And I felt like a major ass for not bringing my regular camera. 😦

Even with my cannon, I could have captred the yummy-ness of this steak bite. it was a delicate crispy crust with a juicy steak inside.
I told Henry I dont want to visit any other diners but this one!
Oh and they have the best steaks for the best prices… check ’em out!!!