With the roommate moving out and taking all the cool kitchen gadgets (that he NEVER uses) with him, I set out to buy my own (from a list of my favs among his collection). Above is my Keurig- my LOVE, MY Everything. I got the special edition for an excellent price and it came with some k cups already inside. JOY! I tried Caribou’s Breakfast Blend. YummY!

And because my tooth is still senstive from the root canal, I had a bowl of oatmeal. I loved this bowl. It was creamy and smooth and had just the right amount of cinnamon without being overly sweet! I had thought i was going to want two packets but one filled me up wonderfully!!

Around lunch I was craving a bagel with cream cheese and Lox… so I went and got one. Why is lox and cream cheese so delicious? WHY??? I drank this with a bottle of FUZE. I thought the fuze was too sweet. I am going to stick to water from now on. I dont know how these drinks survive on the market- blech! drink water people- its good for your skin!

At dinner time I went to the freezer for an instant dinner… nothing says comfort like a baked potato with gooey cheddar cheese and broccoli- this one is from Weight Watchers. It was absolutely fantastic and extremely filling!

Not pictured are the zepoles that I consumed at the Italian festival in greenpoint Brooklyn.