I’m sure everyone is familiar with the difficult economic times that are among us; not everyone feels it the same way as others but we all know whats going on. These days a lot of people are losing their jobs and struggling to make ends meet. It has really put things into perspective for me as I catch myself complaining about my job when I should really be thanking the heavens that I even have a job. “THANK HEAVEN FOR MY JOB and my Ability to be independent!”

With that said, having fun has taken a back seat in many peoples lives because they simply cannot afford it. I’m here today to show you can have fun with no money in your pockets- ok maybe not $0 but a few bucks wont hurt! tee hee!

I had some family visit over the weekend! This is Ciera , a Diva in Training, she knows all things lip gloss, pink, and purses. And, shes an eater- shes a girl after my own heart!

Before I get into what we are doing sitting here, I wanted to mention that we started our adventure at the Aqueduct Flea market in ozone Park. Entrance fee: $1 per person, kids free, seniors .50. The flea market is HUGE! Lots of clothing and knick-knacks that people need for the home. I was excited because there was a huge pet section – and everyone knows that pets are expensive. I managed to pick up a Pedi-Paw for Mickey for only $5 and a pet hair remover for $4. We cleaned up! Please check it out when you are in Queens or ever in the mood for a really good flea market! Men- there are several sections for cars!

After 3 hrs, a sun burn, and 3 bottles of water later, we were all hungry. Since we were in Queens Already, I suggested my favorite neighborhood restaurant, Tu Casa. They have a great meal there for a family that is $24. it comes with A whole rotisserie chicken, rice, beans, salad, and one side. there were 7 of us so we ordered two…. $48 later- we each ate a full meal for a little more than $6 a piece- NIIIIICE!

Heres my cousin and My mom. We were posin before “Linner“.

My cousin and Caleb. Caleb is the Lothario, the heart throb, the Casanova. He’s the lover, not the fighter. Hes my heart- I love him. Oh, yeah- thats Ciera’s big bro. they love each other so much! its so cute!

Here’s my papa and cousin’s hubby-Cliff. Caleb looks like his daddy-o and Ciera looks like her Momma!

Ah, now onto the food. Do we really need an explanation???

I dont think so.

After linner we went on to enjoy our afternoon but had a REALLY hard time deciding what to do next. A really great tool that no New Yorker should be without is TONY No, hes not my Italian Cousin, its Time Out New York. Its jam-packed with lots of cheap and free things to do in NYC. For those with kids, TONY has a GREAT TONYkids section!

Just because we are on a budget doesnt mean we cant find anything to do!

Some free things to do outside of TONY:

– check out your local craft/book stores: there are lots of free readings/story telling and crafts that you can do for FREE

– read your village voice to find out how to score free tickets to movies on premiere night! I got to see many movies before they came out for free- be prepared to pay with your time but you wont spend a single cent!!

-Check out NYC Fairs every weekend!

-Washington Square Park is full of NYU students honing their skills in the form of the arts: music, dance, skits, and art- check it out on the weekends.

-Local Parks: Prospect Park, Forrest Park, Central Park are having a lot upcoming family events!

-FREE Concert in Coney Island this Saturday! click here

Want anymore??? Send me an email at moniquer83 at gmail dot com and I will find you and yours something to do!