It squeaks when I bang it- Thats what she said

-Michael Scott, The Office

*probably one of my favorit tv shows of ALL TIME*

This is ONE egg… frying in my frying pan. It took up the whole pan!

But it looked like art on my plate. I kept it light this morning with an iced hazelnut coffee (i heart my keurig) a slice of toast with spray butter and love… lots of love. Of course its after 12 now and im starving- and chugging water.

YESTERDAY- I forgot to pack my breakfast because I blew a fuse while blowdrying my hair. I found a packet of organic peanut butter and some cinnamon oatmeal. Hello wonderful emergency breakfast! Super filling and tasty. Although I wish I could consume this daily- i get sick of things too often.

Monday, true to my menu, I had an egg and cheese on a bagel. It was a job well done on the planning front but a FAIL with regards to timing. I was rushing about the house becuase I wanted a freshly cooked egg and cheese bagel. Yummy though, very yummy!

I beleive this was on Monday… I enjoyed a frozen meal. LeanCuisine: can you make the plate LOOK appetizing??? So lucky I dont eat with my eyes. this looks like a plate of…you know what.. you can fillin in your own blank. I am not gonna be gross.

the vomit plate turned out to be quite tasty looking once I stirred it…. Ooops. Did I say something inappropraite and gross?

Too late.

Speaking of gross… This salad was HORRIBLE which is what brought me to have a frozen meal. The bag expires on 7/19… clearly these leaves have seen better days. Crap salad, meet Trash! yes I would rather eat a frozen meal that looks like puke than this sad ass salad. GAG.

I have no nice words for this adult version of a lunchable. BUT serisously…6 crackers??? Who are we kidding here? That was a sad sad lunch. But my snack made it all better….

Airpopped popcorn! Thank you! Light, crunchy, salty, and good for me. what more can I ask?

A very plain and unexciting bologna and cheese sandwich has made its appearance in lunch rotation. I am a sucker for a sale and Boar’s Head was on sale for $3.99/lb. HEART. BH is probably my FAVORITE brand – so that was a bargain. Last week my pound of BH turkey was…. are you ready… I dont think you can handle this… $9.12! OMG. So yeah, you can imagine my glee when mystery boars head meat went onsale for like $4 a pound. KA-RAZY.

A SNACK- Ster! woot. I got these on sale too. I love a good bargain! I got a box of 30 assorted babies for $4.
Shut up.
No I will not shut up!
They were the best sweet fix ever. This one was the S’mores flavor so it had tiny graham cracker – cereal type puffs, chocolate chips and marshmallows – yum.

This is my leftover pork chop dish. I wrote enough about how much I loved this the other day… But just to remind you it was just as good as it was the day i made it. Sorry no more leftovers. :-/