Every effort I make to be diligent in my posting has been futile these days. But I try to make up for it with bulk posts or multiple postings in one day. I like to think of the multiple posts as Christmas in July! (no?)
So i have lots of pics in my camera but not many to share because they are of my brofie. Thats what I call my little (as in nearly 6′ tall) brother who was in the hospital over the weekend for something so bizarre I still can’t beleive it! But he’s well and back home again! (thanks for the T’s and P’s to my nearest and dearest! xoxox)
Of the pics I DO have to share….
A morning when Henry and I opted for different brekkies. I purchased a boat load of fresh fruits and veggies to try out my “Green Bags” that i picked up at a flea market for $2. The fruit that I always waste money on is the banana. My kitchen tends to get hot (no windows) so the bananas turn black after two days! Since im a sucker for infomercials and an optimist at heart, I gave the green bags a try to save my brown bananas. We are going on day 4 and they are still yellow. I beleive that they work! And the best part- they are reusable! So i had some good ol frosted flakes with a banana! yum!

Henry wanted a ghetto classic. Two eggs over easy with buttered toast and ghetto bacon AKA Fried bologna. When asked what he wanted for breakfast, he said bacon and eggs with toast. We exchanged convo about how I ran out of bacon but had a good substitute and he was surprised by how much he liked it. He said it was like SPAM- looks gross but tastes kinda good.
Fried bologna is a straight up comfort food from my moms day. Back in the day times were tough and Grannie made things work by making them work. Its things like Mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs, corn beef hash over rice, egg over easy on top of white rice, fried bologna… all “ghetto” according to snobs, but all resembling things that were just DINNER when I was growing up. And mom never made them because we struggled or anything, thats just how she spelled comfort. Anyone care to share their Ghetto Comfort food? My brothers friend once came over and when i offered him a toasted bagel he asked me to slather up some mayo on it… I was offering butter or cream cheese…but hey- comfort for him was spelled MAYO. Lauren- are you gagging? LOL Speaking of mayo. for Lunch later on Henry asked for some Tuna fish and…MAYO. I love this stuff But I can eat it for days and I would rather get some nourishment from it. So I made a tuna salad on a kaiser roll with sun chips and a handful of sweet seedless red grapes. A balanced lunch…somewhat.

I had a lovely side of sweet juicy pineapple with a turkey stuffed cabage leaf and mashed potatoes with a tomato puree. It was yummy.
Later on in the evening all efforts on being good were shot to hell when we visited the Lady of Mount Carmel festival in my old ‘hood, Williamsburg. We split a spicy sausage and pepper hero with a homemade lemonade and some fresh sweet fried zeppoles. Henry has never had a zeppole and I beleive after his first bite, with powdered sugar all over his lips and a lump in his cheek he said “What is this piece of heaven?”
Want to try some zeppoles? Try the San Genaro festival in Little Italy in September!
Tomorrow I will going on a very blog tastic adventure! I cant wait to share!!!!