Don’t know what it is that is making me dead tired after 8 hours of sleep every day but I woke up late again… and when I wake up late I usually just grab some of these on the way out the door.
I skipped breakfast and went straight for lunch. Why does it always look so good on the cover?

And taste like dog food when you cook it? Can anyone recommend a good one? I enjoy the paninis… but wanted something like FOOD for a change. i don’t know.

A while back UTZ sent me some goodies and I was so happy i gave these a try! they are a lot like sun chips but they taste a lot healthier. At first its not the best thing ever but the taste grew on me. I can definitely taste a grainy kind of flavor along with some corn.

My coworkers tore up the bag as well!

I needed something yummy to make up for the dog food I ate at lunch/breakfast. When I ordered from Fresh Direct this week they threw in 3 free pluots that were perfectly ripened! I have two more to enjoy and I cant wait. This baby was delectable.

Before I headed home I opted for this sugary-sweet pineapple that filled me up and quenched my thirst. yum! I got some of that waiting for me at home! WEPA

When I got home, I put up a pot of Campbells Tomato Soup because I had a hankering for grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup. While I was sizing these photos, my prep shots were deleted because I was mindlessly deleting things while on a business call (nice work mo).

But added fresh tomatoes and white cheese to some Arnolds Country wheat and then I sprayed some ICBINB on the bread. The tomatoes have been living in the green bags for 7 days now and are still perfectly ripe and delicious! to kick my grilled cheese up a notch, I sprinkled it with garlic powder.

Then threw it on a hot plate. I think my grilled cheese is inspired by two greats: Rachael Ray inspired the garlic and Paula Deen inspired the butter….make that Three Greats since Mom taught me to put tomato in my grilled cheese for a yummy texture contrast – cant have a grilled cheese without it! so thanks Paula, rach and mom.

In the end I was left with a gooey cheesy sandwich on what tasted like Texas toast. It was pleasantly delicious and I wish I could have fit more into my belly!

I dunk my sammies in tomato soup! I was so stuffed! But this was a great comfort dinner on the fly and I was extremely satisfied.