Can you beleive its been a WEEK since my last post?
Lazy Diva.
I’m sorry.
So, after a lovely day with my love, I planned dinner in my head and while he napped (men!) I went to the kitchen to set out my battle plan.
Some sweet taters were waiting to be sliced into fries and baked in my oven. So since these babies take a while, I took care of them first because I was fixing to make some burgers. I drizzled them with olive oil, sea salt and blew them a kiss for a touch of love. Henry claims he doesnt like sweet potatoes but my job as his girlfriend is to make a liar out of him… and I will!

I sauteed some onions and set them aside. Once they cooled off, I added them to one pound of ground beef. Along with some other goodies… but before I do that…

I took a peek at the fries that were doing their THANG. They smelled soo yummy.

Ah the beef, once the onions cooled. I added them to the ground meat along with some other spices that make my hamburgers taste like heaven between two slices of bread… and jsut when I thought it couldnt get any better…

I added some goat cheese to these suckers. Oh My foodie heaven.

The goat cheese provided a creamy tartness to the savory meat the onions gave them a slightly sweet taste. This burger made me very happy but next time I will add the cheese later, these got a lil crumbly in the cooking process. What? dont see any broken bits of burger? I might have eaten them before i took the pic. tee hee.

I served these alongside the sweet tater fries, and a side of broc…and gave H some ranch for dipping sauce (fries and ranch = heaven) and he was a liar- he DID like sweet potatoes..he just didnt know it yet
henry: “Babe, are there any fries left?”
Me: HA! you LOVE sweet potato!!