… do you have one?
What do you do when you are bored at work? I upload pics and write about them. Or I read some of my favorite blogs.
Okay, so a few nights ago, I made ice cream and made a few notes as to how I would change it. I did and it came out great. Its a cookies and cream ice cream and i was attempting to take a shot before I served Henry some but while I was taking the camera out there were two spoonfuls missing.
And as I was going to yell at him I couldn’t stop laughing because he looked at me like he was going to be in trouble (which he WAS) but he had ice cream on his lip. Why do men eat so messy?\
Any who, back to the present.
This is my last Pluot which I have learned is a cross between a Plum and an Apricot. These babies are expensive but really tasty. I better place another produce order on fresh direct to hope they give me another pluot freebie!

A while back, Sarah hooked me up with some steel cut oats. I love steel cut oats because they are the mac daddy of hot cereals. They are super filling and I can crave them breakfast lunch or dinner! I started to prepare a bowl for overnight oats (as an experiment) and in the morning I decided to add a banana.

This banana is 5 days old and was sitting nicely in the Green Bags!

This was before I nuked the oats.

This was after i nuked them with cinnamon and brown sugar. They came out creamy and slightly sweet. I can have a bucket of this for breakfast. So glad I had a chance to make breakfast because these days I have been too lazy to make real food.

So with your recommendations last week, I went to stock up on some of your favorites. And you guys did not disappoint! Thanks so much to all who recommended their faves! I picked up the fettuccine alfredo (hooray for sales!) and decided that this one looked promising.

I made a side of spinach to eat on the side…

But decided to mix it in – for volume. I am so glad I did too! It was a great addition. It thinned out the sauce which can be a little salty for me and inspired me to add veggies to more of my frozen lunches.
At dinner time, I still had a pound of beef to cook and I really couldn’t be creative. I figured chili was the easiest thing.

Diced some onions.

Cried a bit. Damn onions. Then sauteed them.

I added the ground beef and cooked it up a bit. Started to add spices and nearly freaked out when i realized I didn’t have any more chili powder.
so i B-S’ed this recipe. I added whatever I could think of including a shit load of Franks Red Hot. I also added some black beans and beer. I let it simmer for 30 mins. and also kicked myself for tossing the ancho chillies that were in the freezer that I was NEVER GOING TO USE. they would have went really well with this chili.
The BS method worked well. It was a different tasting chili but it was still delicious! it had more of a fiery taste than a smoky one but Henry and I love spicy so really this chili that I thought was a fail turned out to be a win.
I think I am done with the ground beef for a while though. I have some ground veal. Any suggestions for that?