You are getting veeeeery sleeeeeepy!
Mickey was laying on Henry’s lap and her top half must be heavier than her bottom half because her head sunk between Henrys lap and the couch. In stead of helping her I ran to get my camera. Because I love her. And I i want to show the world how cute she is and her “help me you idiot” face. I helped after this pic. Shes fine.
I promise.
Oh Sweet Breakfast! I had some strawberries that were ready to be gobbled up and a yogurt that I have been afraid to eat. The last Chobani I had was very disappointing but I never give up on food! So with my fingers crossed, I sliced my strawberries that were sweet as candy and added them to the yogurt. I am happy to report that the vanilla chobani did not disappoint. the last one tasted sour and chalky and i tossed it- i think it might have been spoiled before its expiration date. But brekkie was creamy, light, and yummy.

For lunch, I tried another Smart One that came highly recommended. the Lasagna Florentine. I am not going to lie- this one looked NASTY. But I trust that you all give me good recs and gosh darnit, i had to try it.
dammit. this one was good! I have been GUZZLING water to fight the sodium content of these things because they are through the roof and too much sodium causes you to retain water and retained water causes NO WEIGHT LOSS! Chug that water people!
But I was pleased with my lasagna and the amount of cheese. mmmm cheese.

On the way home, i was consulting with the boyfriend about what we should have for dinner. I was feeling uninspired and unprepared as I didnt have anything ready to be cooked. I wanted to order out But Henry really wanted my grilled cheese.
grilled cheese?
For Dinner?
YES!And no sweet potato fries babe, i want regular fries.
FINE! I will think of something.
And that’s when the lil stinkers in the frozen food aisle called me over. I was looking for something somewhat healthy and the idea of fries seemed like a lot of peeling, slicing, baking, etc. AKA Nothing Quick. I also wanted something crunchy too and knew these did well when baked. So I bought a bag of Onion Tater Tots. I called this entry march of the tater tots because my pic looks like they are marching on a mission to my empty belly.

I was only going to taste the tater tots and made a cup of veggie soup to fill me up and prevent excess munching. (it worked too well)

For the grilled cheese. I picked some local gorgeous, picture perfect, vine tomatoes that were perfectly ripened and colored and.. you know what? these were the best tomatoes I have ever seen!!!! I sliced them up, placed them between some multigrain bread and some cheddar cheese and grilled them up with ICBINB and GARLIC (which i have learned has turned regular grilled cheesers into garlic grilled cheesers– right Carissa? LOL)
When they were done I served myself a handful of tots, a cup of soup, and a tomato and cheddar grilled cheese.

It was a great dinner! But the soup worked really well in making me full and by the time i got to the grilled cheese I didnt really dig into it like i wanted to.

Henry, had two grilled cheeses and the rest of the tots. What is it with men and tater tots? He was reminiscing of the days in middle school when kids begged to eat your tots if they were left unattended for too long! LOL
Wanna eat tater tots at a restaurant? Check out Big Daddys in Gramercy Park 24hrs a day for the best fried chicken and tater tot basket in the city!!! Review coming soon.