My coworker is leaving the office onto greener pastures.
Shes always been a great person to chill with after hours and I’m really gonna miss her. Shes having a farewell party and I can’t make it so today, I am honoring her with some Scratch Brownies.
made. from. scratch.
Oh no you didnt.
Oh yes I did!
making things from scratch isnt as daunting as it seems. Its the things I will write about later that are a little harder to come by in order to make WHOLESOME things from scratch. the junk stuff is easy to make as all the junk you need to throw in is READILY available.
Its not my recipe but I did find it online and used some of my own lil ‘isms to make it my own.

After I mixed all the standard ingredients I almost forgot to get a pic of it.

And then it got a lil crazy in my kitchen.
Oh no she didnt use the good peanut butter.
Oh yes she did!
Did I lick the spoon? Hell yes.
did I take another spoon just to nibble on while the brownies cooked? DUH!
When they were cooled off I sliced ’em into hearty brownie pieces and decorated them. My decorating pens are ready to be tossed! the were oozing out horribly and that was after several methods to get them going the right way. I made the best of it.

She was really happy! and best of all- they were moist, fudgy, chewy, and everything that a girl would want in a brownie!