Woke up with a craving for PB.
Oh I love PB.
I was really sad when i found this is my LAST packet of Justins Honey Peanut Butter! But dont worry, i can get more.
I brought in a mini bagel and toasted it at a neighbors desk. This was, in my head, going to be a breakfast feast complete with an apple and some blueberry preserves!

Warm toasty bagel + PB and J= magic
and whatever was left of my PB went right onto my apple! Oh sweet gala apple- how awesome are you???
Mid morning, i was craving something on the savory side. I wasnt really like you know HUNGRY but i wanted to munch and I went to my favorite snack!

freshly sliced tomatoes with ranch.

a deconstructed salad if you will. It always hits the spot. Sometimes I alternate with cucumbers. I just really enjoy some tomatoes dipped in creamy ranch dressing!
I took a walk to whole foods because I was in search of something… i cant say what it is until i find it. ๐Ÿ™‚
But when i walked in there was a pungent whiff of cheese that hit me in the face and I LOVE cheese – even the stinky ones. So i took a walk and wouldnt you know it…there were samples!

So I took a bite. Extra Extra sharp and had a really pleasant after taste. Its an 18 month aged english cheddar. Just love taking bits of cheese here and there as a snack. good things… thsi sucker is 10.99 per pound. I bought a lil over a half pound. yiikes.

Right next to them were some TOMS TOMS turkey sticks that looked like slim jims. They had amazing caloric stats and were organic. Had to have them – 6 sticks for $3.99= not bad. They were smoky and had the same snap that you find in a processed slim jim! So my cheese and turkey made a nice impromptu lunch.

Then i was eager to try this whipped chocolate mouse yogurt…
and spit it right out.
UGH! Looks like diarrhea. Tastes like Spoiled Yogurt.
Wheres the boston cream pie????
Thankfully my popchips saved me. i opened the big bag, served myself one portion and left the bag on the office goodie table. they were a big hit and I only ate one serving! whew! its so easy to just down a bag of chips whether they are healthy or not!
When I got home, i was craving something quick and effortless.

I popped a Fettuccini Alfredo into the microwave and added some chopped spinach to the batch. it added a nice amount of volume and made me feel stuffed afterwards! It was awesome!
I’m soooo tired. I need a bucket of coffee!