On Friday, I got home to find a very LOVELY package! And seriously, when you see “sample”, isn’t the first word to come to mind “Lovely?”

Liz Lovely, that is! After watching the documentary Food Inc, I began to re-evaluate the way that I live my life and realized I needed to give my diet a makeover. If you haven’t seen the film, I highly recommend it. It really puts into perspective where your food comes from and why its so important to support your local farmers and when things are Organic.
I digress. I did some research and fell in love with the Liz Lovely Company. She offers a wide variety of Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free Cookies. I was sent the best sellers and let me just say… you should prepare yourselves for a glowing review!
The lovlies above are as follows: Cowgirl Cookie, Ginger Snap Dragon, and Chocolate Moose Dragon.
When I removed my goodies from the package, I noticed a note that caught my eye. Now that I’m on this quest to save the planet (insert super hero theme music here), I was giddy with excitement that even my PACKAGING was eco-friendly!
The “peanuts” were so squishy so I decided to put them to the test before i try the products. The note says to dispose of the peanuts by washing them down the drain… I was skeptical
But after 5 minutes… maybe less- i wasn’t timing – all the peanuts were gone. I love it! There is nothing worse (in my opinion) than having to dispose of a box with the Styrofoam peanuts. They STICK to EVERYTHING!
Liz Lovely, You get points just for having eco-friendly packaging – Now I cant WAIT to try these cookies.
Its important to note that all cookies were stamped with the USDA Organic label – so its furrealz ya’ll! and Vegan – but unfortunately, I’m a meat eater.
I got my moo juice ready.
and started on my tasting adventure.
The first one I tried just happen to be a random pick. Chocolate Moose Dragons are a rich decadent and fudgy dream in a package. They have the texture of a moist brownie and a taste so yummy, a glass of milk to accompany it will just make you want to cry – not bad tears- happy chocolate tears.
Well, I might have been a little sad when the piece i took crumbled… because its so soft and delicious- but this crumbled delight would be fantastic as a topping on say, oh I don’t know, Ice cream??? YUM!!!I loved the sugar crystals on this cookie, it gave it a very pleasant texture and the cacao nibs in the center were not over bearing but just right. I have had vegan treats in the past and this could have been a regular old cookie and I would not have even blinked twice about it. This cookie, along with the others is made with all natural ingredients! A package of Liz Lovley’s comes with two honking cookies that provide 4 servings. Half a cookie will definitely please palettes. No one wants to overdose on chocolate… often. πŸ™‚ Half a cookie contains 170 calories that will satisfy any brownie craving!

Moving right along onto the Ginger SnapDragons which are the best sellers on the website and I can TOTALLY see why! This was a BURST of flavor! Not to be all cliche but this cookie is pure happiness in a bag. The Ginger is present the way it would be in a traditional gingersnap but the addition of the molasses makes its pleasant and chai like! Best part about this cookie: crystallized Ginger! yum! I am not a big fan of ginger so i will admit… i didn’t think that i would like this cookie. But OH MAN was I wrong. I love love love this one so much! (but the other two are definitely close!) What I really love is that the cookies are extremely satisfying. A while back, I remember sitting on the couch with Henry watching the tellie and munching on oreos, rich, chocolaty oreos and practically finished the pack – however, something about these cookies just feels satisfying and after a few bites your craving is gone!

Last but not least, the CowGirl Cookies! The cookie packaging comes with great stories on the back of how the creator, Liz Holtz, came up with these wonderful gems. Before reading the package I immediately thought this cookie tasted a lot like cookie dough (oh sweet heaven!) and was mighty proud when I confirmed it on the package. This cookie not only packs chocolate chip cookie dough goodness but nostalgia of licking the bowl after mom made homemade cookies!
Like I said before, a little goes a long way!
Overall, I love these cookies, down to the packaging they came in! You can tell that Liz Holtz has a love of baking as these cookies are handmade! They are affordably priced at about $3.99 per package of two BIG cookies!
Browse here for your cookies and possibly a gift for someone you love (maybe even yourself!)
Do not deprive yourself – try these cookies!