So once a week I have lunch with papa-dukes. And we haven’t had lunch in like 3 weeks!
I know!
So when he called asking if we could meet up, I was really happy because I like lunch with dad. We get to talk about everything since we like some of the some tv shows and we have the same relatives (tee hee) – its a nice time to catch up. We haven’t been to Spaghetti Western in a while and dad wanted a good burger. I decided to skip breakfast so i could enjoy the monstrosity of their portions…. (and i still couldnt finish it)
I am supposed to be watching what I eat…but one day off the wagon won’t hurt, right?
Dad, ordered a burger and I have had their burgers before… but after seeing Food Inc, Im trying to steer clear of ground beef. (how much longer is Food Inc gonna influence my food?) But dayum dads burger looked fantabulous.

Dad’s burger came topped with tangy cheddar cheese and fresh cut and fried french fries. The fries are always crisp here! my fav! The burger was served on a seeded potato roll which was a yummy combination of flavors and textures (mmmm, potato bread)
As for me, I decided to get the panini, instead of the normal trough of salad that I normally get. This sandwich was sliced turkey, rare roast beef (i took out) and some ham, with arugula, tomatoes, avocado pesto (YUM!) and fresh mozzarella pressed into a crisp pizza crust like bread. One half of this sandwich felt like it weighed one pound. I ate half of the sandwich and gobbled up every french fry- because those are HORRIBLE when they are leftover. Fries should be eaten fresh. soggy fries are not acceptable.
Around qutting time, I was still alittle full from my half of sandwich and the other half that i was saving for dinner was a nasty mush that had to be thrown away (RIP WASTED SAMMIE) i headed over to the local watering hole for a drink with some friends.
Blue Moon. Refreshment! I haven’t been to happy hour in a while because I worry about leaving Mickey girl All alone for longer than necessary. But the day was trying and I needed an hour to myselfI’m sure she missed me. (lazy butt)

But when i walked into the bar I was hit by the smell of… bar food. and this bar has really good food for really amazing prices! Whiskey Tavern.

I ordered a turkey burger topped with cheddar and some fries and honey mustard for dipping. they make some awesome fries! as I was 3/4 way through i realized…. i had fries for lunch…. and a big ass half a sammie. and then i said OHWELL. Might as well be really bad. At the end of hte night I had two beers and the burger and fries. My total- $21- isn’t that amazingly cheap???
On the way home to walk Mickey, there was some love waiting for me at the door.
Henry and I made a mental note to do some “research” on these later. We had to see Julie/julia. Naturally, i dragged him to the theatre but Henry was pleasantly surprised with the movie. He didnt say it was the best movie ever but he did say it was enjoyable and interesting (since hes dating a blogger). I loved it! As a blogger, as a Cook, as a woman who has seen Julia on tv. It was done really well and meryll streep kicked ass as julia child! Now, will i ever pick up julia’s book on french cooking? Hell no, that shit intimidates me! I like my regular stuff!
When we got home we were hungry for some research. My quest for natural snacks brought me to Miguels. Im beyond fascinated with products that have minimum ingredients and maximum flavor. Miguels everything chips really impressed me, they had a clean and delicate taste that wasnt over powering or too strong. It was a subtle wholesome taste that has prevented me from trying the other flavors but i feel there will be lots more positive things to day about this brand!

I let Henry choose the dip and he chose the black bean and corn salsa which was really yummy. the black beans and corn made a really nice duo with their spicy kick that made henry say “this tastes like Mexico…babe, write that on your blog” (EYEROLL) I say it tastes homemade, my boyfriend thinks it tastes like a south american country…. men!
Henry surprised me with dinner… the man doesn’t cook much and I seem to have a thing for men who have no rules in the kitchen. He has been calling me for guidance in the past when he was alone in the kitchen and on this particular day he decided to wing it and impress me. At first bite, it was not gagging- so i kept eating. when he told me what he put in it, i nearly had a heart attack….
heavy cream
half and half
colby cheese
parmesean cheese
HOLY CLOGGED ARTERIES. what did you feed me??? LOL. Moral of the story: ask whats in it BEFORE you eat it.