Before I get into the point of todays title, i must report some healthy factoids.
EEEONS ago, like before summer, i was sent some coupons to try some Better Whey of Life Yogurt.
Its an all natural yogurt made with 15 grams of protein- sounds tasty doesn’t it?
A few other bloggers that i know tried it and weren’t amazed…. so my expectations weren’t high.

I found these at my local Whole Foods. I got plain, berry and peach mango. I also cashed in a freebie for something to go with my yogurt…

I was never a fan of ALL Bran growing up- when I was little I thought it was hamster food and a kid that ate lucky charms for breakfast will definitely think “Hamster Food” when given a cereal that has a cardboard consistency and a twig flavor… however, as I age, I seem to have developed a fondness for the twigs. Then I saw they buds and thought “How cute!” and I cashed in my free all bran product for bran buds.

One serving of bran buds (note: the baggie above) is 70 calories!!! wahoo! and I started with the peach mango because it seemed most appealing… and I used my baby spoon.

see? baby spoon. a lil bigger than a penny. Moving right along.

By itself, Better Whey has a peachy mango taste followed by a sour taste that I can only guess is the protein saying “Hey, we’re here! all 15 grams of us!” and I had to tone down the sour a bit.

So I used the buds. The buds added a blandness to the yogurt that really calmed the sour notes down but there was still something “off” with the whole thing. Wasn’t “LICK THE BOWL CLEAN” good but it was edible and it kept me full all morning and throughout most of the afternoon…. Until I got home from work STARVING and went to the local bagel place ((((((bakers dozen))))) and got a bagel with cream cheese and nova. Soft bagel guts with a slightly crisp shell with salty nova scottia lox and sweet cream cheese. good Lord- Im in heaven! But they STUFFED this thing so i scrapped some of the innards out.
Much later in the evening, Henry and I were craving Indian Food and there was a delivery menu stuffed under the door earlier so I said “lets try this place!” (it was too hot to go out to eat!)
The place is located a few blocks away from my apartment and is called MENAK. Its hindi, paki, and indian cuisine.

We started with an appetizer (my boyfriend really digs appetizers!) and we couldnt decide what we wanted so we got a sampler. Not the greatest idea because we had NO idea what we were eating for the exception of the Chicken Tikka (the red stuff) everything else was “okay”.

I ordered Chicken Biryani…. there were some pieces of chicken in it but mostly rice. It had a nice amount of spice but this was not the best Biryani I have ever had…it was actually the worst. still edible but really not spot on with the flavor. 😦

Henry ordered the Lamb Vindaloo. he was sad. he didnt like his either.
We watched Wall-E and I want to capture the essence of wall-e and keep it in my pocket. Innocent good hearted lil creature! so cute!!!
So, when I told my neighbor about my Indian take out, her face shrivelled and she said apologetically: “Yeah, You Shouldn’t eat There”
turns out the food is not only CRAP but their vistis from DOH are mighty long.
so yay for almost food poisioning. NOT!
Next time we go to Baluchi’s like we always do!