I missed my journaling yesterday! The weekend has been super busy. My former roomie moved out and I have been cleaning and moving into his room to make way for my new roommate- Hi Dara!
Dara and her uber cute dog, Rowan, are going to be sharing a living space with me… and they are probably reading this blog right now.
Should I post the disclaimer that living with a Food Snob might result in weight gain? *shrug*
So waaaaaay back on friday (seems like so long ago!) I was ill-prepared foodwise… but think I made the best effort to keep it simple.
When I got to work one of my coworkers posted an email about free apple cookies from the farmers market. What?
I’m all over it. Unfortunately, the reason she was giving them away was because the execution of these cookies went horribly wrong. They were apple cookies. The smelled deliciously of apples and cinnamon. I took a greedy bite… and was surprised (in a bad way) to find a peanut buttery flavor among the apples and cinnamon. Now, you know i love peanut butter…but when a cookie is named apple cookie, i expect an apple parade dammit- not peanut butter! Each bite had a roasted peanut in it…. the peanutty flavor was too strong and just simply did not work for this cookie. I know this one photo of a bite of cookie is really rattling my cage today but c’mon! They ruined that cookie!… But I fixed it. I simply spit out the peanuts and the apple cookie actually tasted like… APPLES! go figure.
Moving right along.

Super yummy. Organic. Goes with peanut butter. And is not your mama’s jam. Crofter’s was nice enough to send me an ample supply of their unique fruit spreads to sample. I still have a CABINET full of nut Butter so I will MORE than happy to Taste these babies.

Each organic jar of love comes from 4 different continents. And has a unique blend of fruits that make any other jam on the shelves look like a big sissy.

Running late for work, I grabbed a bagel and slathered some light cream cheese on it (anticipating some lox but realized i ran out) and randomly picked a jar of jam out of the cupboard and ended up with the ASIA blend of raspberries, YUMBERRIES (love the name), cherries, and grapes. I loved the way it spread – i HATE that about jellies- they dont spread evenly, but this stuff is jam-like so it spreads evenly.

The asia blend was sweet and reminiscent of regular grape jelly but it had a slight tartness to it that I can attribute to the cherries and perhaps the yumberry (since I never had one of those before). the cream cheese was sweet too… so i dont know if this enhanced the taste but I really liked this jam and anticipate it will be excellent with some almond butter… or Maple Peanut butter— oh dear.. I need to stop!
I waited to eat lunch because cookie and bagel held me over for a while… I decided to order a big lunch at 430 so I wouldn’t have to worry about dinner as well…
My favorite place to order sushi from near work is hands down Sun Cafe. They have excellent service, good prices and…BIG Sushi (thats what she said)
Because I’m ALWAYS ordering, I was honored with a lunch special so late in the day (thanks guys!) and I got the three roll special for $11. It came with a salad with yummy carrot ginger dressing.

Kudos to Sun Cafe on the good quality take out containers. This container with the dressing reusable and a perfect portion of salad dressing for the calorie conscious. Things like this make me happy!

I ordered Shrimp Tempura Roll (a GUILTY pleasure), Spicy salmon roll, and my favorite Salmon avocado roll.

The Shrimp tempura roll was slightly warm still and definitely fresh tasting. Nice amount of cucumber and shrimp. This place really stuffs their rolls and they add a lot of rice. I always forget this when I order three rolls… two leave me feeling stuffed to capacity…three is overkill!

this was the biggest bite ever. I took a pic of me trying to eat the ginormous piece… but it was bad… I looked like a puffer fish. :-O I’d rather my readers think of me as my normal beautiful self. πŸ˜› And another point score to Sun Cafe for reusable containers! These are not only reusable- they are microwavable. Hello new tupperware! It won’t be as good as the name brand ones but you can definitely get some good usage out of it once you are done with your sushi…. I used these for freezing marinara sauce since the red stains the tupperware– now you dont have to waste money buying new ones.
Look at that Salmon Avocado Roll! Deliciously fresh and hearty! nom nom nom.

Here is my beloved next to a penny, just to give you some perspective on the ginormity of this bad ass piece!

another perspective. Thats a mouthful!

And i guess I was too full when I came to the spicy salmon. It just didnt make me as happy as i thought it would. But I will say that they are very generous with the spicy salmon junk!
When I got home on Friday, i started the moving process.
Happy to report its 98% done. All that is left is to clean out Dara’s room of the dust bunnies and random things that I was too tired to move last night.
((((new room))))
Peace out till later ya’ll