I LOVE Rotisserie Chicken. Its moist, juicy, flavorful and extremely dangerous for me to have around…
The grocery store by my apartment, conveniently located a block away from the subway on my stop, sells already made rotisserie chicken. Its warm, perfectly seasoned and affordably priced. I buy a chicken, take it home, carve it… and taste as I carve (bad diva!). Its horrible! I love carving the bird because I use the meat in salads, casseroles, treats for mickey, and even the drippings are used as treat on Mickey’s kibble.
My good friend C.G. the foodie, has a fantastic recipe for a CROCK POT ROTISSERIE Chicken! I have encouraged others to make this recipe and have tried it several times myself… but haven’t had a true crock pot chicken victory. As much as I love rotisserie chicken, my crock pot adventures are hit or miss…more MISS than hit.
But today I come before you, Brave and Determined to make this work!
I started with an 8 lb Free Range Chicken (bless you Fresh Direct) and removed the innards (chicken guts, anyone?) I trimmed off some of the fat but also stabbed the thing in several spots to jam a clove of garlic into it. I left the skin on…
I gave it a HEALTHY sprinkling of Emerils Original Essence in every spot on the chicken, and I even went under the skin to get a good seasoning on the meat. I let the chicken hang out and let the seasoning do their thing.
I prepped some taters and carrots (because they are awesome with chicken!) and placed them on the bottom of the crock pot.

I put the bird in the pot breast side down and set it on low for 8 hrs. I have a great programmable crock pot that allows you to cook for X amount of hours and then it goes to the warm option.

When I returned home later in the day, the house smelled of spices. I took the lid off to let the steam escape before I took a whiff… *warning: do not sniff immediately after removing the lid- you WILL burn your nostrils * The skin of the chicken was nice and golden and had slight crisp to it. The skin created lovely drippings that cooked the potatoes and carrots into lovely greasy sides… Note to self, potatoes should go ON TOP of chicken so it doesnt absorb ALL THE grease.

Didn’t realize how tender the chicken was until i tried to remove it from the Crock pot. It Broke in half. And yes, I took a piece of the meat to taste it. The meat was tender and very moist. But as I was tasting it, I was not loving it as much as I love my store bought rotisserie. Henry LOVED it but I think it had sort of a Crock Pot taste… might sound weird but it just tasted off to me. Not bad just off.

These greasy potatoes and carrots were delish! naturally anything with all that oil should taste amazing! lol.
I put the chicken away and a day later I used some of the meat on top of a salad.

Having given it a time out in the fridge I found it was much more tastier than the day i prepared it. I will be making the crock pot chicken again but I know now that it will taste better the next day.

I used the chicken on salads, in an Indian veggie curry dish (post later), and in a casserole. Good value!