My Office Wife, Karen, and I have an unofficial book club going on. I read a book, love it, pass it on to her, she loves it, we discuss it and the cycle begins. Instead of reading things together, I read them first… we need to start a book club.
I know what you’re thinking: what does this have to do with Max Brenner? Stop teasing me and show me the damn chocolate!
Okay, the very first book I have Karen to read was the Time Traveler’s Wife. It was given to me by my ex boyfriend (when we were still together) as a recovery gift from a tonsillectomy. I hate my ex, but i LOVE this book. Might be the only thing I have ever kept post-break-up. It being my favorite book of all time, i let her read it. The book is fantastic for those that are considering but its very different because it has a lot of dates to remember. I told Karen to give the book a chance and persevere as the book would engross her and stupid dates wouldn’t matter.

Karen: Mo, I can’t read this book. Its sodomizing my brain (she really said that and it was too good not to include)
Me: Karen, you aren’t getting sodomized by a book. Just keep reading it. If by tomorrow you are sore from all the sodomy, you can stop reading it.

THE NEXT WEEK she finishes the book and said it was the first book that ever brought tears to her eyes.
My sentiments exactly.

Me: So, I take it that the book stopped sodomizing your brain.
Karen: Honey, this book made sweet sweet love to my brain. I loved it! Thank you!

When the move came out we planned a Girls Day to see Time Traveler’s Wife followed by dessert at the beloved Max Brenner’s!
The last time I was at Max Brenner, Carol was in NYC and we went together.
Max Brenner is a restaurant that serves food but has a LENGTHY dessert menu with: CHOCOLATE treats GALORE.
The menu for dessert only is 14 pages long. I sent Karen the dessert menu two days in advance to give her an idea of what to expect when we got there. After the movie, we dried our eyes and walked to the restaurant where truffle samples were waiting for us by the door. If I wasn’t a slave to the Bald Man already, i would have sold my soul for that truffle. And I didn’t get the name of it because I was still trying to figure it out on my own.
Then the menus came….

Karen opted for the Intense Double Chocolate Fudge cake with Chocolate sauce and Vanilla ice cream. It was warm. rich. and I swear I saw Karen cry a little bit. She was very happy we chose this place and I was too…
I, for my love of chocolate AND Peanut Butter, ordered the Brown Heart.
Its a lava cake with chocolate and pb oozing from its guts. and vanilla ice cream topped with vanilla, peanut butter. Beaker of Vanilla sauce on the side with some chocolate crunchies.

Peep the action shot!
After discussing the movie and the book and how we loved everything we looked down at our plates:


and Satisfaction!
Karen and I are already planning our next Girls Day for when New Moon comes out and will definitely be followed by a trip to Max Brenner…
We are even thinking of having a Twilight inspired Dessert: The Red Heart: chocolate molten cake with raspberry syrup. If that doesn’t sound like a twilight dessert- i don’t know what is!
Are you drooling?
go wipe your mouth and plan your next trip to NYC with Max Brenner on your itinerary. Don’t forget to invite me!