I moved to the other bedroom in my 2 bedroom apartment.
I hate moving.
But my former roommate was hardly ever home and the beautiful room was always locked and empty. So when he said he was moving out, I thought I would take it upon myself to give the room some love.
And found a great roommate to occupy my old room.
then i kicked myself because there is so much to do and so little time to do it. But as we speak its 95% done…
Before my journey of torture began i decided to have a GOOD Breakfast because who knows when I will get a break (i hate not finishing things)
So I pulled out my pack of yummy thick bacon from Trader Joes.

It smelled so smokey and was so thick!!! I toasted some bread from “Our Daily Bread”

Lovely lovely bread! YUM!

And fried two eggs sunny side up. I had a discussion with someone the other day about the difference between cage free eggs and regular eggs. She claimed there was no difference what so ever… but these eggs were bought at the same time… perhaps the regular eggs sat in the store longer but there is a definite color contrast. The cage free egg is on the left and the regular egg is on the right. They both tasted the same.

I broiled my bacon to rid the excess grease.

The bacon curled up and crunched nicely! and my apartment smelled like bacon for two days! lol.

crispy delicious bacon. (wishing for some right now). The bread that I toasted from “Our Daily Bread” was delicious! It toasted up lovely and had a great texture. I couldnt tell there was no yeast in the dough. I really enjoyed the seeds on the bread too.
About 10 hours later I was really hungry and had managed to empty the contents of my entire bedroom and moved everything into the new bedroom. So i took myself to the kitchen and made a quick dinner so i could finish up and take a shower (moving in the humidity sucks!)

I heard great things about the Trader Joe Indian Fare meals and picked up a Jaipur. I had leftover chicken so I diced it up and added it to the mix. I heated it up and got comfy.

It had a lot of chunky veggies in it and the broth had stewed texture and a great curry like taste. it was spicy but not really spicy. This was a serving for two… but I eated it all. I was hungry. I also noted to buy more on my next trip to Trader Joes– these are affordable and make great meals in a pinch!

My neighbor gave me a bottle of wine the last time i had a get together and I JUST now opened it. I have recently started to like red wine. My faves so far are shiraz and merlot. (still love ALL WHITE wines)

I had a big glass! it was a celebration. I moved!
I like change sometimes and other times I don’t. So I have mixed feelings but more positive than negative.

Here’s one half of my old room.

And here is the other half. Minus my coach purse hanging on the door – everything has been taken out.

and here is half of my new room. I couldnt get the other half because its still a bit of a mess. 🙂 but its cozy in there… and mind the “curtains” the blinds are going up tonight.
In upcoming posts, I hope to post more about my new roommate… so Dara if you are reading this… get ready!