Sorry for No Tuesday Post. I was sickies.
I’m better now!
So lets talk about Sliders… and fries!
But first:
Dear George Foreman,
Thanks for creating the awesomest grill ever.
Love Mo
For the fries: rustic Steak fries. I considered Oven Fries but I was hungry and didn’t have 40 minutes to bake them… so I, um, fried them… πŸ˜€

But I used a lil oil!
I didn’t bother timing them (which could have been horrible) but eyeballing them turned out to work in my favor.
Crisp on the outside, mush in the middle- perfect steak fries. Sprinkled with coarse sea salt and black pepper… some parsley on top would have made it pretty-ful. But I didn’t have anyone hand…

While I was eyeing the ‘taters frying in the pan, I started the burgers for my sliders. I had a vision of sliders when i came home from traders joes with about 5 different kinds of cheeses. I am addicted to cheese and was trying to figure out what to do with the pound of ground beef in my fridge waiting to be consumed. Sliders were born in my head.
I made a basic hamburger recipe so that the cheeses on the burgers could do their work. I used freshly chopped onion, an egg, a bit of italian seasoned breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, and a splash of Worcestershire sauce. Mixed it all up with my hands and made mini meat balls. When the GF grill was hot, I put the minis on the grill and then SMASHED them with the grill! (insert evil laugh!)
I chose my three cheeses out of the million already in my fridge: Garlic herbed goat cheese, aged english cheddar, and a creamy brie.
I scored some lovely whole wheat par-baked mini rolls from fresh direct last week for $2 per dozen (reg: $4.99)
I plated, and served. Henry loves Ketchup so I really couldn’t rely on an honest answer because ketchup (in my opinion) can make ANYTHING taste like… KETCHUP. gross.
I like a lil ketchup every now and then but I dislike it as much as those that are Anti-Mayonnaise (meanwhile, i love mayo).
But I dipped my fries in Ketchup and ate the burgers with just cheese….
First up was the goat cheese. I LOVE goat cheese – however, when i saw the garlic herbed variety in trader joe’s I snatched up an 8 oz log… only to find that I dont love it. Its pretty good but on its own its a bit sour and not the sour im used to from regular goat cheese. I digress- this one was Henry’s favorite. While I would say this one was my least favorite. The textures were there, and especially goat cheese on a hot burger, it was all there but the pungency of the garlic overpowered the beefy flavor of the burger- thats just wrong!

The next up was the brie slider. Mild in flavor so gooey and creamy at the same time once it touched the hot patty. The meat was perfectly seasoned (thank you) and the brie held the burger together. This is the best cheese to use if you want the added texture of a gooey bit of cheese without destroying the flavor of a good burger (or chicken or whatever). Henry doused this one in Ketchup and hot sauce.

Lastly, my favorite. I might be a little biased because i LOVE cheddar. I love the sharpness of cheddar and the way it melts. Its a great cheese (hello, grilled cheese!) and really compliments a burger. The oniony beef that is my hamburger held hands and danced with the extra sharp cheddar and they danced all they way down to my stomach. πŸ™‚ In all seriousness, this one was fantabulous. texture wise- it was regular but the flavor was spot on for that classic burger taste. Sharp cheddar makes my burgers. Henry enjoyed this one too… but in the end he was won over with my fries.
And who doesn’t love homemade fries?
If you’re hungry- head over to Missy’s page for a chance to win some bread