I may have gone a little overboard on my last order from fresh direct last week. It was all veggies! Henry, while looking for a snack, opened my fridge and asked why it was “all green” inside. lol.
H: wheres the cake??? the goodies? all I see is green!
Henry, rest assured- the cookie jar has been replenished. K, pumpkin?

My new roommate has moved in and I decided to make myself a dinner that would eliminate some of the green from the fridge. I was determined to use the eggplant (i have two!) and was not in the mood to make egg plant parm. So i thought of eggplant on the grill… sounded yummy… on top of some lightly oiled pasta – yummier… with crumbled goat cheese… now we’re talking.
I got my ingredients together and must say that this might be the first time I have ever had a recipe with so few ingredients that was decided on a subway ride home. (45 minute commute= inspiration)

I sliced the eggplant into half inch rounds with my favorite slicer. I lightly coated the eggplant with some extra virgin olive oil.

Then i tossed it on a hot grill pan. You know how much I love my grill marks.

Then I diced them up into bite sized pieces. While looking at the pieces, I realized I might not have enough (thats the italian in me – never thinking i have enough food) so i threw some chicken on the grill at the last minute… the shit was still frozen so i was about to commit the most heinous culinary crime:

Dry Muthaflowering Chicken! The whole breast was frozen in the middle – I’m an asshat who knows better than to grill frozen chicken… so i then committed an even more heinous crime – I sliced the chicken and obliterated every chance it had of being a decent piece of chicken. (F U DRIED CHICKEN!)
I cooked some al dente vermicielli and lightly tossed it with grated fresh garlic, olive oil and some S&P action.

I plated with healthy mound of pasta and decorated it with random pieces of eggplant and brillo, i mean chicken, and then crumbled the garlic herbed goat cheese on top. I finally found a purpose for this pungent garlicky cheese! it really went well with this dish.
So, after yesterday’s post about dry chicken and this and that I go and post a complete chicken fail! I got a freakin rep to protect dammit… and to make matters worse- i served this meal to My roomies boyfriend – who is a reader, who USED to be impressed with my page.
Mike, I will make it up to you! There will never be another piece of dry chicken in my kitchen again!
I have one more eggplant to cook up… thinking of making babaganoush – anyone got any tried and true recipes??? (psst, Christo – I’m hoping you’re reading this!)