I was really scared I wouldn’t be able to take any photos this weekend because my camera battery died and i always forget where I leave my charger.
Note to self: its always in the kitchen (where most of the food-ings occur- DOY)
But I found the charger and took pics. I even BAKED over the weekend… I know! Get ready ya’ll… I’m getting all sorts of silly!

Enough BS.
Henry woke up before me for a change… Must have been a full moon or something and made the coffee. He remembered how to use the Keurig (yay!) but forgot that I use splenda in mine (damn!).
Oh how I have missed regular sugar in my coffee. I took it as a treat. Might as well, eh?
And told him I wanted to make Pancakes because I heard my griddler crying when I used my George Foreman grill last week. Yes, Your kitchen appliances want to be used by you! I heard it crying and thats that.

I was incredibly low on the ingredient front but I did have some pancake mix (gag) laying around. I love the taste of scratch pancakes but this instant stuff will just have to do. I added the milk, oil and eggs, beat the crap out of it and started to add cinnamon, maple syrup, nutmeg and brown sugar to the batter.
I preheated the griddle and it started to giggle. Must have been happy to be out of the box. I felt the pan (idiot) and the heat made me snap right back…. it was ready. I poured 1/4 cup fulls on to the pan and when they were bubbly i flipped ’em.
I hear the doorbell ring and there at my door is a delivery guy. Henry runs to the door, pays him and leaves this beside my pancakes:
Because Pancakes alone is not a satisfying weekend breakfast and all of a sudden, My kitchen is a truck stop. One heart attack special coming right up!
In all honesty, Henry LOVES the sausage from our local diner and he thought pancakes and sausage was an excellent idea. (hate to admit it but it was) We had a long day ahead of us so a big breakfast was in order.

“babe, can you make eggs?”
H: please?
Pancakes, homefries, scrambled eggs, and sausage.
Next post: Food Snob Dies from overeating.

Goodnews: I ate about half of this.
Badnews: the pancakes were AWFUL! I hate instant mix. These came out chewy. Not fluffy like scratch pancakes. Im grateful that he eats everything I make- even when I think its horrible.
(ladies- thats a good man)
After a day of shopping and errand running we got home late in the evening and felt a slight rumble in our tummies….

So i had some cereal with a banana….

It was a breakfast all day kinda thing.