A Pastry Piper that is! You’ll see why in a minute, But first… say hey to my sous chef.

Sous Chef Mickey makes sure the floor in the kitchen is clean enough to eat off of… But I have to talk to her- she makes the floor clean enough for a dog to eat off of.

I was in the mood to bake. I had two kinds of brownies to bake: 1) no pudge brownies that are healthy and 2) Trader Joes Dark Chocolate truffle brownies.

I decided on the No Pudge brownies because I had A LOT of yogurt lying around and just so happens to be the only ingredient needed for these babies…

I dumped my entire bag of No Pudge Mix into the mixing bowl (which might have been a mistake!)

Got my rubber spatula ready for scraping.

And dumped my entire 6 oz vanilla yogurt into the powdery mix. Looks gross as hell.

I used to whip this up by hand but its difficult to do since the yogurt makes a very thick batter. The best thing to do if you are whipping by hand is to first add the yogurt to a bowl and THEN sprinkle powder a lil bit at a time until everything is all mixed up. Otherwise, when you turn on your mixer there will chocolate dust everywhere – not so good when you have new appliances.

Bake brownies in the oven at 350* for 25-35 minutes. Out of fear that I will dry mine out I took them out after 30 minutes when the cake had a springy texture when i pressed it.

While they were cooling I had an idea… I am up to my ears in peanut butter and noticed that i had 1/4 of a jar left… and It gave me an idea…

Scoop all the guts into a makeshift piping bag, set it some hot water for a few mins to loosen it up. Cut a small slit at the tip of the bag and pipe pb designs on the brownies for a peanut butter chocoholic dream.

I left these out for a while and the wonderful Henry who “doesn’t like peanut butter” ate 3 of these babies. I made a liar out of him again!

And I got comfy piping… another baking project coming up- with some piping action!