I am not a baker.
But sometimes I get this urge to be in my kitchen and do something different. That urge was to bake. I peruse the cake baking sites and consider making a Boston Cream Pie cake for Henry but that just seems like too much…
Then I had a craving for the Cinnamon Chip Scones that Starbucks used to sell when I used to work there. I remember being sick as a dog and the only thing that my stomach tolerated was the cinnamon chip scone. It just spells comfort for me. I searched the Internet for scones, cinnamon and sugar and the first hit was definitely calling me. It was a recipe for a blogger.
So not only is it exactly what I was looking for but its tried and true by a blogger! I felt really good about this.
The site: Baked Perfection
The Recipe: Mini Cinnamon Sugar Scones
i will not be posting the exact recipe since this is her work. If you would like to peek at it I have provided the link above- and check out her other recipes!
I followed her simple instructions and had a pretty lump of cinnamon-ny dough.
The recipe was for mini scones but I am not a mini scone lady. I wanted small scones but big enough to be a breakfast pastry. So I made 8 out of this ball of dough. The scones were about the size of my fist- a lil smaller. They baked for 10 minutes and my apartment smelled of a cinnamon paradise! I took them out of the oven and let them cool while I made the glaze… yes, these beauties come with GLAZE. Before I whisked

After the whisking! I kept inhaling the lovely glaze- so lovely! I poured my glaze into my lil baggie to drizzle over the scones…

So pretty! It was hard to resist them. But I did let them cool a bit.

I feel like a proud mama!

And to show you all Im not perfect, I will show you a mistake. A very delicious mistake. 🙂 Its all about quality control.

What a superb breakfast!
Almost immediately after I baked these, I updated my status on facebook announcing the birth of scones in my kitchen. 30 minutes later my doorbell rang and my friends who live close by said: “where are the scones?”
I swear that’s what happened!
And they were my guinea pigs. They loved them and can’t wait till I make some more. I had intended to save some for my roommate and her boyfriend, and even one for my mom to try but Henry got to them and they were gone in 24 hrs.
I already replaced the ingredients to make more of these. I will be making these whenever I can because they are easy to make and delicious! Far more delicious than the ones I remember at Starbucks!
Visit Baked Perfection and MAKE THESE SCONES!
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