No, there are no new recipes today.
I didn’t bake anything.
And I am not giving away anything – but the contest for the $10 Gift Card to Stop and Shop is open till thursday!
Aside from that, its my regular random eats and stupid rants and whatnot.
I made a trip to Trader Joes over the weekend. I love Trader Joes especially around payday! tee hee!
I stocked up on goodies and couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into my Nova and cream cheese on whole wheat!

I got two servings of Nova Scotia lox pieces at Traders joes for $1.99. Its totally worth it because I stretch it out to about 4 servings. I like a small amount of nova for the flavor- whereas the deli where i live charges $6 for a bagel with nova because they put like a POUND of nova in it!

I lightly toast my chewy whole wheat bagel, lightly smear some light whipped cream cheese on top and then arrange my pieces of nova to cover the cream cheese. I love it – but i hate when my hands smells like nova. blech!

I noshed on half of this baby before work and the other half when i got to work. It really helped keep me satisfied.
About two hours later I was craving a Munch.
I had these Awesome Almonds in my drawer and decided to open them up and have a few. But the aroma of cinnamon and vanilla proved too strong to be consumed alone. All the coworkers nearby came by and helped themselves. In a way they saved me from eating 3 servings of almonds. I love the natural cinnamon taste of these almonds! nom!
Lunch was boring and un-delicious. I ate it but i hated it.

I couldnt wait to eat my cukes dipped in LF ranch dressing. Perfect Crunch and oniony flavor – compared to lunch- this was HEAVENLY. (BOO TO NASTY LUNCHES!)

I didn’t share! Don’t you hate it when you are having a private moment consuming your meal and some acquaintance comes along and sticks their nose all in it like OOOOH WHAT SMELLS SO GOOD or something completely in the category of NUNYA. ugh! I hate that! Won’t even go into it but asking someone every freakin day what they are having for lunch and going nuts for it and asking to smell it is really annoying!
And then someone put these on my desk. What was I supposed to do? toss them? No way! First I played with them like they were swords and then i slowly munched on them.
When I was littler and addicted to orange juice, I used to dunk pretzels in OJ. but I hate Orange Juice now.
Do you have an unconventional or weird snack? do tell!
Dinner time was straight up lazy. I walked into the deli. I said ” Roll with Turkey and cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, salt and pepper. Thank you
Five Dollars and Fifty Five Cents later I was home eating a delicious sammie with baked cheese crunchies, and a new find: Natural Diet soda (review coming soon)
Later on in the eve I wandered over to the freezer to try something highly recommended to me by a TJ’s addict:
MOCHIChocolate mochi.
After one bite I was enslaved by its weird texture but rich flavor. Its like a bon bon but better and bigger. Let the mochi rest for a bit so its easier to sink your teeth into. TJs has them for $2.99. I loved the chocolate, Henry loved the green tea, and i have yet to try mango and strawberry.