Sarah is always getting me in the know with natural products. One of my vices is diet soda which i can guzzle all day. Coke Zero happens to be my weakness if its in the vending machine. Henry hates my diet soda addiction and would often spite me by buying REGULAR because he thinks its better than the diet stuff – ingredient wise.
When Ms. Sarah told me that I needed to get Zevia I listened. Zevia is natural diet soda. When I think natural diet soda, I think seltzer with some flavoring. I like seltzer when i have a tum-ache ache. I didn’t think Zevia was going to blow my mind the way it did!
And I was uber blessed to have the chance to try every bevvy on their menu! It was a very generous tasting that lasted this soda addict about a week and a half. They sent me:
Twist (like mountain dew)
Root Beer
black cherry
and orange
along with a comfy t shirt!
While playing the random game I closed my eyes and reached for the first can. It was the twist. i poured a glass in my stemless wine collection. swirled, sniffed, and realized that its soda – not wine. Sorry. I took a sip. and then guzzled. Seriously- refreshing (minus the bubbly burn) and not too sweet. It was what I expected from a diet soda. An awesome lemon lime flavor. It did not taste like a seltzer with flavoring – it was a diet soda for real!

Orange was probably my favorite because it tasted exactly the Sunkist soda i used to drink when i was in high school! only better cuz its diet.

The black cherry was shocker- i was expecting red. Clear cherry tasting soda! I LOVE YOU! This was sweet – not bad sweet but unexpected sweet. Delicious.

I enjoyed this cola… but my heart will always belong to coke zero on this one. This one reminded me of the Kirkland Diet Soda mom used to by. Totally drinkable and enjoyable but not to the point where i would dig for coins in the sofa cushions to visit the vending machine.

As a root beer drinker- this baby is amazing. I am gonna experiment with a heaping scoop of light ice cream to make a faux float. 😛
Not pictured is the ginger ale which was Henry’s favorite. He actually drank them all and I had but a sip. I wished for an aching belly just to have more ginger ale.
If you’re a diet soda addict – this might be your ticket to health! Zevia is easily available! Lucky me for having some in my neighborhood. I recently made a purchase on Amazon for a new case of soda to get my fix.
I highly recommend this product for you soda lovers! Its natural and its yummy. so there.
And on a totally sad note: I am remembering 9/11 today. It will never be forgotten. My love and support to all those that have been affected by it.