Dear Tofu,
Just wanted to thank you for your versatility. You make life easy when I have nothing else to cook. You are always the same but always different.
Thanks for being there when I needed you.
Love, Mo.
After I “dried” this tofu out a bit, I sliced it up. I knew for sure I have having tofu because that’s what was available but I was deciding on Baked Tofu or a stir-fry/Lo Mein kinda thing…
I chose a LoMeinesque.

I got a slap chopper wanna be on daily steals for $1.99. I know, I am amazing. But so it this chopper!

In about 4 effortless chops, I have itty bitty pieces of Garlic. SA-WEET!
As some of you know, I have been feeling under the weather so my improvisational skills in the kitch have been lacking. I found myself going blank and wondering “what’s next?” and normally I am all over the place multi-tasking and being inspired… Its just not here. I hope i get it back once this hack, i mean cough, leaves my body for good!
So, I heated a tablespoon of toasted sesame oil, cuz its nutty… and I felt like it. Then I sauteed the garlic. Once it was fragrant i added sliced tofu and broccoli along with some chicken bouillon, water, cornstarch, ginger, soy sauce, onion powder and some red pepper flakes.

Its not a traditional Lo Mein but its what I felt like throwing in there. Looks pretty too.

While it was cooking and making a nice thick sauce, I boiled some vermicelli. Once it was cooked, I removed the tofu stuff to a bowl to set aside. The juices from the bottom of the pan were going to add some love to the vermicelli.

I added the al dente vermicelli to the pan and added a Little bit more sesame oil. I tossed it and added some salt and pepper. It doesnt have to cook but just to get some more flavor.

I poured back the tofu junk and lightly tossed on the stove being careful not to spill anything (as I am accustomed to doing).

I transferred it over to a serving plate and had lovely mountain of veggie lo mein. It was unconventional. It could have used a little bit of this and that but Im too fuzzy in the brain to think of what that missing thing is. It was tasty though so it wasn’t a complete failure.
Improv is not the best recipe but You can make things YOURS by sticking to the basics and adding your own little touches here and there…
Wanna share a culinary accident that was actually quite delicious?
Once while making french toast, I poured a french vanilla coffee creamer instead of milk to dredge the bread. It was a wonderfully subtle difference that I do now to “spice” up my french toast.