When I was experiencing Baking Fever, I took a bag of “goop” out of the freezer to begin the fermentation of the Amish Friendship Bread. Amish Friendship Bread takes 10 days to ferment and requires some mashing and mixing throughout the ten days. It sounds like a total pain in the butt, however, the end result is a moist, flavorful, cake-like sweet treat that is totally made from Scratch. Its called friendship bread, in my opinion, because the lengthy process involved to make said bread is the labor of love… and presenting it as a gift will show the lucky person that you are willing to watch a bag for 10 days just to make them fat. Friendship rocks!
But really, friendship bread is named so because during the fermenting process, you are constantly adding more ingredients to substantiate enough “goop” to make new starter bags for your “friends”… None of my friends appreciate a baked good that takes ten days to make; except for one.

Okay, so empty your goop in a bowl and add all of the called for ingredients. Mix it up with a wooden spoon or rubber spatula (because it is written all over the recipe that no metal is allowed- whatevs) and bake.

This is the glamour shot before it was baked. I would have loved to have an after picture but my camera decided it was done for the night. So you can refer to the last time i made amish bread pics or your imagination. The bread was sweet, moist, full of yummy chocolate bits and gone in like a day! I was pleased with this bread. Henry sliced it and toasted it with a spritz of butter- it was like a chocolate chip muffin- fantastic!

I have one more batch of friendship bread that I am going to make and will have 2 extra bags of starter kit… if anyone is interested… and I mean seriously interested email me at moniquer83 AT gmail DOT com. (beleive it or not I have been with a starter kit for over a year- ever since my cousin gave me a bag to make… been making it ever since! oh, and NEVER GIVE AWAY YOUR LAST STARTER!)

Okay kiddos, My night of baking left me ill-prepared for breakfast the next day… and I ran out of cash and the Dunkin Donuts was all out of english muffins (AGAIN) so i went to McDonalds. The hashbrown magically disappeared before I could take a snapshot of it. Silly me! I HATED their coffee! It was horrid! blech! Weak, too much sugar, too much milk-!
How do you take your coffee???
I like mine REGULAR- 1 milk, 2 sugars.
Lunch was already packed. It was a doctored up lean cuisine. Fettuccine alfredo, shredded chicken, and broccoli. Very hearty! and I also got a free SoBe Life Water. I am really diggin the “juice-like” waters!
On my way home from work, in new shoes…hush puppies to be exact, i was limping from a new blister (oh, you new shoes and your blisters) and as I was walking to my building that was one block away i felt a squish.
And any New York knows that a “squish” on a side walk can be a gazillion things… My mind did a quick list of the possibilities:
-discarded fruit
-a dead bug
-a dead rodent
-and the worst thing ever- DOG POOP
Guess which one it was??
Yes, dog poop. My new hush puppies and poop. Oh the irony. So I marched myself and my poo shoes home and spent a good portion of time scrubbing (with gloves and clorox) the poop off the shoe… and why do soles have grooves??? UGH! Gross!
Henry brought dinner over because after scrubbing- i really didnt feel like cooking or reheating. i said to bring pizza. I imagined a slice of pizza. what I got was a personal pie. with peperoni.
and extra cheese.
DAMN YOU HENRY. I ask for a slice and you bring me my own personal pizza pie!
I love you, but damn you.
Don’t worry- i didn’t eat it all!
He got sausage and olives. I had a bite. Pretty good. Not as good as my homemade pizza.
So my dearies, I leave with one more question:
What do you like on YOUR pizza.