Howdy Folks, Happy Friday.
If you haven’t been influenced by Hungry-Girl and her incredibly amazing recipes, prepare yourself.
I was feeling bored with my normal “go to” foods and boredom can lead to wandering off the beaten path to an over-eaten path… We don’t want that.
Sometimes I like to take my cookbooks (all 25 of them) and scatter them onto the floor, i sit in the middle of them all armed with a highlighter, some post its and a notepad and I get busy planning or getting ideas. This week was a major success as I am going to share two recipes from the first Hungry Girl cookbook that have really impressed me… and hopefully you too!
The first thing that caught my eye was the veggie Scramble.
one Dr. Praegger’s Veggie Burger ( i used the Tex Mex flavor)
2 egg whites or 1 egg or 1/4 cup of egg substitute

Heat or defrost veggie burger and crumbled into a pan of egg whites. You can either make an omelet or a scramble. i chose scramble since i was in a hurry.

I topped it with lite mexican cheese…

and served it taco style on a whole wheat tortilla. This was amazing! Like a veggie huevos rancheros! I am keeping this EASY recipe in the vault (aka my brain) for later uses! this hearty mama jamma was about 200 calories!
take that!
Next up I decided to try hungrygirls Buffalo Chicken Salad… its an easy one too.
One chicken breast- cooked any way you please. I chose to grill it.

Next, slice it, dice it, and pour 2 tbsp of Franks red Hot and 1 tbsp of parm cheese on it and mix up.

Mix it up and heat for 45 sec in the micro… careful- this smells like some crazy good buffalo wings minus the grease…

Serve it on a bed of chopped romaine and carrots. I drizzled mine with low fat ranch.
this salad was amazingly satisfying and easy to make. I love salads but the regular ol‘ chicken salad can get boring. this is a great way to add variety to your foods without adding tons of fat and cals. yes, this one is going in the vault.

After behaving all day, i came home to this.
Oh me, oh my!
2 Fajitas and I called it a day… stay tuned for lots of mexican fare in the next posts.
Just a note on how much i love Hungry Girl. Her recipes are easy because they are meant for usually one to two people and consist of ingredients that you have in your cupboards already.
Do you have any healthy mock ups of your fave foods that you would like to share with the class???