I have a new roommate… its not a surprise– she’s been living with me for a little over a month now. But the other day she mentioned she was getting home early and would be cooking.
“Do you like Mexican Food?”
“Good, I’m making burritos”
And then I closed my eyes and thanked CHEESES for bringing this wonderful soul to Kew Gardens to live with me (Hi Dara!)
You kind of have to wait till the end of this post to see how dinner came out… but be patient. There’s plenty to keep you occupied till then.
Like goodies that came in the mail.
Amazing Grass. Superfood. Green Monsters. Oh the healthy possibilities. Jumping on the green bandwagon with both feet…

I wanted to make my first green monster. I really should have read up on these things before I got all excited. One of the biggies stating that chocolate is the best green one.. but I thought- i can handle a little grassy tasting bevvys… right?

Yeah, So I used my Rocket – love that thing- to blend banana, skim milk, berry amazing grass, and ice.

And then because the first taste was like chewing the leaves on a strawberry, I added a tablespoon of cocoa powder. And by this time you would think I learned that if one thing doesnt make it taste good, a few other things aren’t going to make a difference. Dont know what i was thinking but I had me a big old glass of Dirt. yes it tasted like dirt. I was going to either drink this like a big girl or toss it and starve…
Oh me! Oh My! someone has come to work with bagels and scratch red velvet cupcakes??? And on the day my dirt smoothie wasnt cutting it. I quickly dumped the dirt smoothie and went to hog heaven on the best bagel I have ever had. Seriously, how good would anything taste after drinking liquid dirt?
Soft doughy innards with a slighty crisp crust on the everything bagel with cream cheese… and half a cupcake… I needed to try it! The cupcake was great although it was more pink than red- the flavors were spot on and they even made their own cream cheese frosting. yuhmee!
Alright. Henry took me to trader joes and i buy everything under the sun and I tell him to pick up stuff that he wants as well – even though hes paying for everything! LOL– and never ceasing to disappoint Henry comes back with something spicy. That boy can live on hot stuff. He lives for the torture but he cannot for the life of him eat anything that is steaming hot right out of the oven- i will never get that. I DIGRESS
The boy comes back with a jar of wasabi mayo. Never mind that I have a jar of wasabi at home and a jug of mayo- he wants already made wasabi mayo. ( he smeared some of it on his steak quesadilla from the night before – yuck)
But when searching for a lunch option, I eye the tuna. Then in the corner of my eye I can see the wasabi mayo… SO i went with a wasabi tuna sammie.
Toasted up some bread (i hate soggy tuna sammies) and added some romaine – because i love crunch in my sandwiches… and it was pretty good! I had to cut the wasabi with some regular mayo because my nostrils were burning but the combo was tasty! Henry asked if i could make him one and complained i didnt use enough wasabi… so i gave him the jar and a spoon and when i came back his eyes were watery and he was holding his nose to alleviate the burn… and by george he went right back into the jar for more punishment!!!

Around slump time… i mean snack time ( you say coffee break – i say snack time) I enjoy some jarred pears in natural pear juice. What is it about pear juice that drives me crazy? ( in a good way) I told my mother how I would love for nothing more than to drain the jar of pears into a cup and just sip and enjoy… thats when she told me i was addicted to pear juice as a baby. Awwww. after all these years i still love it. 🙂 slurp slurp slurp!
And now im excited because Im going home to dinner! Mexican dinner! by a New Mexican.
When I got home Dara whipped up some beefy burritos and blew my mind with “cheese sauce”. I will call this treasure: “OMGTHISISFREAKINGAWESOME
I watched her cooking and forgot the action shots. But I have a great plate shot.
so from left to right: a tasty beef burrito with cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, and a milk salsa verde, then above that is some black refried beans ( i love refried beans!) and to the right of that is a scoop of mexican rice.
It was delicious and even more delicious because i didnt have to cook it, clean up, and enjoyed leftovers later in the week… (coming soon to a blog near you)…
Oh and while were were eating…
“and they called it puppy love”
Our doggies lovin on eachother.