I’m Frugal. But I like to eat well.
For instance, the other day I went grocery shopping armed with a store circular, a club card, and an envelope of coupons. I walked away with $30 extra dollars in my pocket. Henry appreciates my frugality – and I thank my mom for teaching me to be a smart shopper.
One of my awesome finds were the yogurts that were on sale 2 for one dollar. I stocked up. Some of the yogurts had expiration dates that were approaching so I decided to make a parfait with two flavors to help get rid of them before they expire.
Fat free Banana Creme and Fat Free Mixed Berry. Instead of just mixing them together, i was feeling mighty inspired to make it look pretty and then i wanted some kind of granola and thought of my Bran Buds. This is going to be good…

I started with half a scoop of each with a sprinkling of the buds and did this till the yogurt cups were empty.

Not the design I was hoping for but you get the idea of the makeup of this parfait.

I put it in a tightly sealing container and put it in the fridge to set overnight. It was delicious. The banana and the berry went really well together and the buds had soaked up some moisture. The texture was really creamy and I do see myself making this for breakfast again… it was ultra filling. and next time I will probably make a prettier design.

And this has become part of my diet. A Miracle in a bottle. My hacking cough is going away nicely thanks to this homeopathic syrup by B&T. My mom told me about this stuff that is available online or at whole foods and costs about $10. It tastes like a flat malta with a hint of licorice. if you have never heard of malta or tried it… you might hate this syrup. Its not meant to be delicious – it tastes bad because it works.

Around lunch I prepared a buffalo chicken salad (a la hungry girl)

With some fat free Ranch. This salad really is amazing- it tastes so bad for you! For those following WW- it has a points value of 6 (about 300 cals) and its a huge portion!

At snack time I had a baby pear! so sweet and itty bitty!

And Roommate wasn’t home but gave me permission to have some leftovers. BURRITOS! YEHAW!
I’m cooking up some stuff this week that I am very excited to share… but you have to wait! so ha!