Thursday. End of September and I’m wearing a tank top and bermuda shorts… For those not living in NYC its 75* right about now when it should be about 10 degrees cooler.

C’mon Fall! I really wanna start wearing my cute hats and blazers and start making stews and soups!
In the meantime, I will just use up the last of Roomies leftovers. In case you were wondering… I am NOT getting sick of all this Mexican Fare – but it is coming to an end as I have to move on to other items in the kitchen that desire my attention.Remember yesterdays dinner? In case you don’t its right above this sentence. Henry wanted in on Dara’s (my roommate) cookin‘. I was in the mood for chimichangas which are deep fried burritos- sounds heavy but its ridonk-u-lously delish. Opting out of pouring a gallon of oil in my new deep fryer and wanting to think of HEALTHIER ways to enjoy a “chimichanga” I thought of grilling the burrito in my George Foreman.

Oh Diva. So Clever!

Yeah… cuz it worked REALLY well!

I broke down the assembly so you can see how i built mine but please, its a burrito- put whatever you like in it (mmm eggs). I started with some ground beef that was cooked with some cheese sauce, place a heaping spoonful onto a large tortilla, sprinkled some cheese, added black refried beans (which are my new crack!)….

added a heaping spoonful of mexican rice and lastly a dollop of sour cream. I was being inspired by California Burrito and after i added the sour cream I realized I didnt have any guac… that would have been amazing. But I settled for what I had. Still delicious!

I rolled this mama jamma up.
If all your ingredients are in the center, pretend the filling is a rectangle shape. Where the short sides of the rectangle are, fold in those two sides to create a pocket. Then fold the bottom “lip” up and it should look like an envelope as shown above. Fold down the last remaining lip and serve seam side down.
But im not ready to serve.
I threw (very gently) this heaping burrito on to my George Forman grill and let it crisp. Oh la la. It flattened out a little bit but I didnt care. the crispness was all there.
Then i plated this crepe-looking thing and added more cheese, salsa verde and a dollop of sour cream.

Check out that lovely dollop!
This was a fantastic use of my leftovers. I was an ultimate comfort and was even more amazing after Henry and I doused it with Franks Red Hot!
And the Mexican Chapter of Food Snob is closed (until next time Dara cooks!)