I need to know why everything is falling apart?
When it rains, it pours?
A number of things when wrong and its not even 11am yet! I left my camera home. I had new things to share with you this morning but am grateful I had a recipe and some pics to share already uploaded. I left the camera because as I was topping off my coffee traveler with milk i knocked over a pitcher of juice that Henry left in the fridge half way off the shelf (just beggin to be knocked over really). As I was mopping I yelled (expletive deleted) and my lil Mickey was shaking in a corner because before my spillage, she had an accident in her crate… one of many in the past few days.
And lastly I was still slapping my bed and my clothing for dust because the building manager had brick and mortar work done right outside my window (without my knowledge) and I left my AC on so ALL THE DUST was SUCKED into my room and everything is covered in this dust that leaves skin feeling raped of all its moisture and is almost impossible to mop- i have mopped 3 times in the last 12 hrs and there is still a layer of crap on my floor!
I’m having a really great day so far.

Lets hop on the happy blog bus…
Its no secret that Henry and I love to go to the diner for breakfast from time to time… But we are both trying to cut back. Financially and physically. It makes no sense to go to a diner so often and pay $20 for breakfast after a $60 shopping trip having just purchased enough food to make breakfast for a month!
So when Henry did his little stretch saying “village diner?” I said No. I’m making us Breakfast… and Im making a healthier breakfast.
Preheat your oven to 400*. Lets start with some eggs. Im still on my Hungry-Girl Veggie Scramble Kick and I have been dying for Henry to try it. I beat about 2 eggs and 4 eggs whites in a bowl with a tbsp of water to stretch it a bit. I nuked a Dr. Praegers Veggie burger (California style) to get it where I can crumble it. Poured the egg mixture into a hot skillet, scrambled egg style, seasoned it with salt and pepper.Crumble veggie burger into the eggs. and move it all around with your spatula to get everything evenly distributed.

add some cheese…mmm.

It should look like this… and then put it in the oven (pan and everything) for 10-15 minutes.

Using a potholder, grab your pan and give it a gentle shake. If it jiggles it ain’t done yet and let it cook for a few more minutes. It should be solid when it comes out with slightly browned edges.

Slice it up pizza style and serve it up! I had 2.5 slices and a half of a bagel with spray butter. What I love most about Frittata is that visually it looks like a lot and it makes 8 slices. So i felt like a pig eating almost three slices but it was very satisfying.
and Once again i fooled Henry. He was munching away and asked where i got the sausage from.
Tee Hee
“that’s not sausage”
His face was priceless- he looked a little scared but i told him it was a veggie burger and he was very impressed.