I LOVE to cook.
I HATE to clean up.
Thats why when I cook, i try to make Henry Clean. 😀

My lovely roommate put something in my cabinet when she first moved and told me I would get addicted to it if i tried it- but then warned me that it was extremely hard to find…and I thought maybe i should stay away from it.
But when do i ever stay away from anything?!?!
The something: Chocolate Malt-O-Meal. Chocolate. Hot wheat cereal.
Bowl #1. Creamy. Chocolate. 130 calories. satisfying.

Bowl #2. Even better than bowl #1. I found this stuff on amazon… and also discovered a maple and brown sugar flavor. Holy Foodie heaven! Since this is becoming something I am indeed craving and addicted to I must replace roomies box for fear she might kill me.
She wouldn’t kill me…
but why take a chance?
Went to work. Noshed on a pear. This pear came in a giant bag from Trader Joes. It was so sweet!!!
Doncha hate when you are eating a pear like an apple and the damn thing splits in half?

For lunch I had a mini ham and cheese wrap with Pickles and sea salt/vinager pop chips.
I was enjoying this delicious lunch with a really delicious book! (Jemima J)
For dinner,
grilled chicken.

Fresh corn on the cob.

and sugar snap peas (SNP).
I love SNP ROASTED!!!!
After washing your peas, arranged them on a baking sheet that has been sprayed with PAM, or lightly coat the peas with EVOO. Sprinkle the peas with salt and pepper. Place in the oven at 400* for 10-15 minutes.
Or until like this. Its sweet and savory at the same time and I love how they carmelize ont he edges. What a lovely side dish!

My chicken was kind of plain so i gave it a kick.

lightly buttered corn on the cob. BBQ grilled chicken, roasted sugar snap peas and a side salad (i never ate the salad)
I havent had a dinner like that in a while and i remembered when I was scrubbing the dishes… When Henry is late I have to cook and wash. 😦 boo!

When Henry showed up, I was already done with dinner and looking for a dessert type thing… I managed to get a free box of Blueberry Muffin poptarts.

It looked pretty good and I used to be addicted to poptarts as a child…
but sadly this was just nasty. the filling was more frosting that was too sweet to enjoy- God I sound like my mother! I think if I were 15 i would love this… but im an old fart so no- not my thing….

I ate baby sweedish fish instead.