Once again, this wonderful dish is brought to you by the Trader Joe Gods who make Wild Caught Fish so incredibly CHEAP. Got these huge fillets for $4… TOTAL! Thats about a BUCK and change a piece. AMAZING.
I love Mahi Mahi because its so damn good for you and so light on the “fishy” Flavor. I love fish but I hate the “fishy” stuff. And it probably stems back to the days in High School when some people didn’t pay attention in Health Class when “Personal Hygiene” was covered… i digress.
My top five fav fish fillets include Mahi Mahi. Not only for its flavor and versatility but also for its calorie content (or lack there of) a hearty 4 oz piece of Mahi Mahi contains less than 2 grams of fat and about 160 calories. Amazing.
I started by letting my Mahi Mahi defrost in some water while I prepped my toaster oven (its still unbearably hot in my kitchen so until winter comes I will not be using my oven).

I was going to broil the fillets but while looking for spices i found some panko and thought “FISH STICKS!” because of the way Mahi Mahi flakes (vertically) I thought it would be a perfect fish stick. I am such a kid sometimes. but panko is great because it adds a lot of crunch if you bake it or fry it. Nom! Nom!

Once defrosted i sliced them up and seasoned them with some salt and pepper…

and dredged them in two beaten eggs. I was lazy and didnt feel like separating but feel free to use egg whites only to shave off a few cals.

I prepped my dredging and panko station. I designate one hand for dry stuff and the other for wet stuff to avoid the clumpage and layering of dry and wet stuff on one hand. I took some Mahi Mahi with my right hand and dipped it in the egg. dropped the eggy Mahi Mahi onto the pile of panko with my right hand, then using my DRY left hand poured more panko on top of the wet Mahi Mahi and rolled it around. Then I placed it onto a cookie sheet that was sprayed with PAM.

Kind of crammed it all onto my tiny cookie sheet and cooked it at 400* for 20 mins.

While it was cooking, I made some green beans.

First sauteed some grated garlic with a lil EVOO over medium and stir-fried that baby. mmm garlic. I really wished i had some bean curd (LOVE GREEN BEANS WITH BEAN CURD!!!)

Threw in some fresh green beans, salt, pepper, and a smidgen of red pepper flakes. I sauteed them till they were crisp tender (about 5 minutes) and by the time they were done… so were the fish sticks.

Never ate the salad… Henry made the corn- yum!

Mahi Mahi was crisp on the outside and no oily stuff whatsoever! Fan-freaking-tastic.
Panko can be found in your breadcrumb section and adds a GREAT Crunch to whatever you want! Panko is the crunch in your Tempura… its kind of bland but you can spice it up however you like!!!
Henry is making dinner all by himself tonight.
Pray for me.