Work has been KARAZY. I was working the two for one. Two responsibilities for One person. πŸ™‚
It made the days fly by and the meals scarce.
I forgot to eat breakfast… so around lunch I was ravenous (and noisy in the tummy) and decided to get something hearty…
FALAFEL! The deli by my office offers the freshest deli falafel ever- Maoz is too far to consider when I’m covering two shifts so the deli stuff had to suffice. It really wasn’t a bad deal either. They fry the falafel patties fresh to order. I got a whole wheat pita with falafel, creamy hummus, pickled cabbage, lettuce, tomato, hot sauce and a drizzle of tahini. It was the perfect balance of

textures and flavors. I ate till I was satisfied and was ready to conquer the rest of the day.
I came home to a lovely box on my door step from Thanks to them and Foodbuzz, I received $30 worth of free groceries! the catch? Recipes to try for you all to see!
I got a nice mix of things to make several different dishes.
Miso (miso soups, glazes, marinades, dressings, etc)
wasabi peas- for snack-a-lackin
pocky– because you GOTTA have pocky!
-sushi rice, Nori and wasabi paste (for sushi- duh)
Udon, dashi, and dried veg – for yummy soup!
-tofu for the miso soup
OH YEA! Lots of blog-tastic opportunities to come!
Couldn’t wait to dig into the POCKY. Its a thin butter cookie stick dipped in milk chocolate. The best snack for those that want a little taste of something sweet.
After my big lunch and my snack attack when i unpacked the groceries I wanted something light. But comforting. but light at the same time.
I used to collect cookbooks and one of my favorite ones is the 1980 version weight watchers holiday cookbook. It has collected quite a bit of dust over the years because since the 80’s making stuff “Light” is a lot easier than it was then; thank you shortcuts! My coveted recipe, the one with all the water stains, and the dog eared page is the creamed spinach. The process is not lenghty but its got ingredients that you wouldn’t necessarily keep in your kitchen… But this recipe is from the Thanksgiving menu. It has fat free cheeses, garlic, fresh spinach, and some blending is required… seems like a lot of work for a weeknight, IMO.
but I have found a short cut!
I started with a bag of fresh spinach and cooked it down to fit in this pot.
Once it was cooked, i drained it and ran a knife over it to chop it up. (I didn’t chop PRE-cooking because I didn’t want to stain my pot with green)give it a good squeeze with some paper towel to remove some moisture. Then i whipped out my secret ingredient:

Garlic. Laughing Cow.

One serving of spinach plus one wedge of garlic flavored laughing cow cheese.

Mix it all around. Add some salt and pepper and a dash of Parmesan cheese.

Super easy. No blending. And quick comfort food that wont bust the zipper in your pants (oh, yeah, did i mention that i am walking around with a broken zipper? Thank Goodness for long sweaters!)

Happy Eating!

Got a shortcut to share? COMMENT IT!