I love dinner parties. I love girls’ night. A dinner party with the girls seemed to be in order… except the girls didn’t know. I was busy working and just had a thought and my ADD went with it and before I knew it, the menu was decided and I was making a shopping list during my lunch hour. I am very productive, right?
While walking to the grocery store I figured I should let the girls know they are having dinner at my house today… being that Im already shopping for dinner.
*I dont really have A.D.D.*
But I did plan the whole party without asking the girls. First Wives Club was on tv and I thought it was the ultimate chick flick. I was in the mood for spanish food but didnt feel like dishing out money for take out when i could make it myself for a fraction of the cost (and have ultimate quality control) This is exactly how I pitched dinner to the girls who required no begging or pleading. As soon as I said dinner party and spanish food they were already asking me what they could bring.
Ladies, bring some drinks! One brought Corona, the other brought wine.
On the menu:
Platanos Verdes
Arroz con Gandules
Pollo al horno
and something sweet for dessert
I have never in my life made green plantains. I love them. But I never made them. One of my girlies, of Ecuadorian descent, told me via text how to get it done. Since I have eaten them SOOO many times, I knew what to expect.
Get yourself a GREEN Plantain. Must be Green. Take off the green peel which is a pain in the freaking arse. I sliced the peel off… but whatever works for you will do.

I sliced mine in 3/4 inch slices (or should i say SLABS). Some people make them thinner and cook them like chips and some make them thicker to enjoy a thicker cut… I like the thicker version (Insert your Thats What She Said here)

Platanos require DOUBLE frying (oh sweet grease). Fry your slabs on each side for a few minutes to get them golden brown. Then remove them from the oil.

line them up and flatten them. There are some tools out there made just for flattening platanos but I see no point in those when you have plenty of tools at home that will squash a platano just as easily.

Like this little dish! Or the blade of a French Chef Knife. Or a plate, or a cast Iron skillet. The possibilities are endless. I digress. Flatten these babies to desired thickness.

Then toss them back into the frying pan so they can crisp on the edges.

I burnt some because I was busy answering the door and texting while cooking. Don’t burn yours! Burnt ones are gross. Once they are cooked to your liking, transfer them over to some paper towels to “dry off” and then sprinkle them generously with Salt. The real deal will have fresh grated garlic on top as well… but these were going to be eaten by my friends who were going to be hanging with me… garlic breath was just not an option.

I made my 2nd pot of Arroz Con Gandules Ever and think this one came out better than last time. I used less water so the rice was a bit more fluffy. The aroma was indescribable. And there were no more leftovers…

Salad. Everyone chose their own dressing. i chose a Goddess Dressing. ((((TAHINI))))

I also baked some chicken. I spiced it with garlic, onion, italian seasoning, salt, pepper, splash of vinager (to tenderize) and some love – gotta have love. I cooked it for about 45 minutes on 375*… meat fell off the bone.
In my hurry to feed the ladies, I forgot a plate shot…but i think you can survive without it. When dinner was done, I started the brownies.

Oh dear Lord.
These brownies are decadent and fudgy. Easy to make and pretty impressive for a box variety. There were some lovely aromas wafting through my apartment that night.
Couldn’t wait to dig into these babies.

With some ice cream.

The ladies each got a warm brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top. The skinny ladies got two scoops of ice cream.
When I presented my coworker with her brownie bowl, she rested it on her chest, inhaled and smiled “I love coming to Monique’s place”.
Dinner was a success… only disaster was the pile of dishes in the sink.