I am addicted to coffee.
I need a cup, at least one cup, a day in order to function.
I blame Starbucks for hiring me so many years ago and granting me free beverages. How many caramel macchiatos would you consume in a day if they were FREE?

About 3 or 4, if you’re me.

So you can imagine how bad the headaches were when I quit. But Now I feel my addiction is manageable. Lately, my favorite thing is organic coffee-supporting Fair Trade and getting a brew thats free of unnatural crap.
Jim’s Organic Coffee was awesome to send me 1.5 pounds of their brews to try. I was currently drinking Starbucks Fairtrade so once it was done, I happily moved onto these guys.

i grabbed the milder of the three first just so i can build the intensity from there. The Wonderbrew is similar to a Columbian blend or a Breakfast blend. The aroma is strong and somewhat earthy.

The beans came whole (HELLO FRESHLY GROUND COFFEE!) which I love and I got to use my Rocket Blender to grind my beans. You can use a food processor too if you dont have a coffee grinder but you have to know how thick/thin to grind your beans. I am using a metal filter so the ground coffee isnt chunky or too thin. I cant give too much advice here because I know by looking at the ground that its done.
I brewed the WONDERBREW and could immediately tell I wasnt going to fall madly in love iwth it. I am big fan of ROBUST flavor (italian roasts) but this one was gentle. Its definitely good but I would reccommend this to my mom or to someone with a sensitive tummy. It did the trick in the morning to get me going but I really wanted that Knock you on your butt Coffee smell that I love. I am looking forward to the stronger variety.

Next up was a breakfast that needs no introduction. Chocolate wheat cereal.

You have no idea how hard it is to wait patiently while inhaling the chocolate fumes.

But when its done its totally worth the wait. Filling and satisfying!

Around Lunchtime I picked up some GINORMOUS sushi. Its been so long since I have had GOOD sushi- it was just wonderful to enjoy every single bite of this Salmon Avocado roll… and then I started thinking I should take out the bamboo mat and have a sushi night at my apartment…
Feeling unmotivated to anything for dinner, I took the lazy route and steamed some dumplings.

I love the Trader Joe Gyoza – yum! Not like Chinatown but pretty damn good for a frozen food. Might as well keep up with the asian theme and have some egg rolls.

One for me. One for Henry. These egg rolls are vegetarian but they pack a lot of yummy flavor. I first bought a pack of these 3 years ago and I always have some in my freezer! They make the perfect side dish for a light dinner.

Steamed frozen dumplings for 8 minutes.

Much better steamed than boiled! There was less water in them and the dough had a lovely bite too it that was soft but not chewy or mushy.

Once the dumplings were done, i scarfed this eggroll with some duck sauce on it.
It was great. However, dumpling burps are freaking GROSS!

A friend of mine from back in the day lost a MASSIVE amount of weight and her secret was cutting back but allowing herself small treats every now and then. Including baking one cookie at a time. I thought it was a great idea…

for my toast-r -oven to try…

But it didnt turn out so well- it started to look like a hamburger… and then it didnt expand anymore.
And then I smelled “burnt chocolate” and I had to rescue it.

it died.
Not gonna lie. I tasted it. Cookie dough is best when its raw or cooked… not both.
Moral of the story: Don’t eat cookies when you are trying to lose weight.