*I drafted this post on Thursday and have been sick so pretend this was posted on Friday*
Forgot to make my morning coffee.
We all know that I cannot function without coffee! A few days ago I got some VIA, the new instant coffee from starbucks. I am a starbucks fan so this seemed like it would be great.
I was very fortunate to have some half and half in my fridge at the office! Usually we keep powedered creamer but that stuff is gross! I used my thermos to make the VIA. I know starbucks brews are stronger than the average cup of coffee so i added about 12 oz of water instead of the 8 ounces that they recommended. I added my cream and sugar and sipped. It was not bad for an instant coffee. It still reminded me of instant coffee- i find instant coffee is a little “burnt” tasting but adding more water helped with that greatly! I avoided a caffeine headache!

Mid morning- i had a snack attack and was glad i bought more almond crusted chocolate pocky! Note: pocky is so yummy after it is dipped in COFFEE. OMG.
Also Note: buy more pocky.

At lunch I unwrapped a sammy that consisted of bloggy perks. Free bread, Free jam, and free PB. This lunch is brought to you by Nature’s Prode, Peanut Butter and Co, and Crofters!

I like to smear PB on both slabs of bread with a thin layer of jam in the middle. I am weird when it comes to building sandwiches. Nothing turns me off more than a soggy and sticky sandwich.

The bread held up nicely to the peanut butter. It was thick so it kept its texture and the jam stayed away from the bread. I have so much PB in the house that I grew sick of the PB and J’s. I have had a nice long hiatus and welcomed the tasty sandwich into my tummy.

I opted for take-out at dinner time and asked Henry to pick up some Vietnamese. Its been so chilly at night and all i want is soup! I got seafood Pho and henry got beef cubes with white rice. (and spring rolls- YUM)
Looking forward to a 3 day weekend!!! yay!