When Asian Food Grocer granted me some spending cash to go grocery shopping, the first thing that came to mind was Udon. The second was sushi (we’ll get to that later). I was overwhelmed with different options in the world of making Udon. I couldn’t choose just one. I havent had Udon in quite a long time but All I really rememered was how much i LOVED Udon noodles. For the noodle lovers, Udon Noodles are the Mac Daddy of noodles. They are thick, chewy and delicious.
I just caught myself in a noodle day dream. sorry.
So, I found several recipes and used them as my shopping list for Udon. Did you know there were Several types of Udon?
I went for a basic Udon and found most of my ingredients on Asian Food Grocer. For the remaining ingredients I hit up the local Asain grocery store.
I found a 3 pack of Instant Udon while searching for Dashi (Broth for Udon) and decided to give it a try. After all, I needed several different recipes to try before I decided on the one I liked best. This insant brand was inexpensive and SUPER easy to make. The noodles are precooked so they needed re-heating.

I also found some great additions to add to my soup. Enoki, skinny mushrooms that I have had when i took a class on sushi making. They are great in soups! and some scallion to cut up into the soup.

the entire serving of mushrooms is about 35 calories. I used a 3rd for texture purposes. I filled a small pot with 2 cups of water, sliced scallions, enoki mushrooms and the noodles. when the water was boiling, I added the dashi powder.

Dashi is dried bonito (fish) flakes and some other spices. It doesnt smell like fish but the aroma is definitely different. the flavor is kind of salty but like i said- its different. But I loved it. for an instant soup it was pretty tasty. I added some chili powder and that really made the soup! The textures and flavors made for a satisfying dinner.

Not bad looking, eh?
For Part 2, I will be using a recipe the clerk at the asian market gave me. And part 3 will be a recipe that is kind of from scratch. My goal is to determine my favorite way to make Udon. Enjoy!!!