If I see one more bowl of Udon… I’m gonna hit someone.
Just kidding.
I won’t hit anyone.
I fulfilled my Udon obligations and I beleive i fulfilled them well. I equipped Henry with enough knowledge to go home and prepare “sopa Japonesa” for his parental units (they loved it and told him he should marry me) but told Henry its time to move on… my other food loves are being neglected.
I love sushi. When I first got the asian food grocer opportunity my first thought was sushi… then Udon (shivers). I have made sushi in the past and shopping was a no-brainer. I just needed time.
Sushi is cost efficient when made at home but it will cost you with the amount of time it takes to prep and make. If you got the time, you will be eating good!
First, I must brag about these wasabi peas that are online any wasabi peas I have ever had. They are from Kasugai? i think… i cant read anything else. But please go to Asian Food Grocer.com and buy their wasabi peas! These are crunchy and perfectly coated with wasabi for a slightly spicy kick but a savory crunch that makes them addicting. (yeah, i ate a whole bag in one sitting)
back to sushi.

I ordered rice from asianfoodgrocer.com because I had everything else. My mistakes in the past with sushi were making too many kinds… today I said I was only making two rolls: California rolls and if the salmon was fresh, salmon avocado.
Start by putting up your rice. The rice takes about 30 minutes to cook and about an hour to cool enough to be able to play with it (TWSS).

While the rice is cooling, You can prep your veggies, crab meat, fish, etc. Since I was making california rolls i needed the following:
kani (imitation crab sticks)
cucumber strips
ripe avocado
sushi rice
and for the salmon avocado rolls i needed:
fresh salmon
ripe avocado
sushi rice
I lovingly placed my camera in some water on the counter and it crapped out on me for a bit… but if you need pics of assembly, please see here and here for the last times i made sushi.
When the rice is cool, add the rice wine vinegar or seasoning as it is called in other sources…. get your bamboo and nori ready for wrapping and rolling. You dont even need raw fish to make sushi- if you got nori and rice, you can put anything in there and call it sushi! Spam Rolls anyone??
I didnt make inside out rolls because I wasnt in the mood to pluck rice out of every nook and cranny on the bamboo mat.
Here is my salmon avocado roll… which was gobbled up shortly after…For quality control!

Here is a shot of the california roll and the salmon avocado roll shortly before their trip to my stomach.
I love sushi.
I hate cleaning up after making sushi.