I was looking forward to a mini break from Udon since I was eating, sleeping, breathing everything about Udon and how to make it.
But then the boyfriend got hurt and was sentenced to bed rest… and since he couldn’t go anywhere he was stuck in bed. And I had to take care of him. When he wasn’t sleeping it off (God Bless pain killers) he was hungry. I am a spoiler at heart so instead of bringing him any ol thing I could find, I asked the boy “what do you feel like eating?”
Kicking self now that I am thinking of this…
Henry: um… oh! whats that soup you made me with the big noodles?
Me: *sighs* Udon.
Henry: yes! Udon. That would be so perfect right now.

Okay, since I only had enough of the “stuff” to make one serving of soup I decided to whip out the recipe for the real deal – cuz even though i was getting enough Udon, I was hungry too and figured I could close up this series and move on to the sushi segment…
I had My dried Udon and set up a pot to cook it while i searched for a good recipe. I had More than enough ingredients in my cupboards to attempt ANY udon recipe… then I realized the instructions on the noodles were not written in english.

I put my pasta rule to the test. I let it cook for 4 minutes then tasted it, put it for another 2 minutes and tasted and then 2 more minutes. 8 minutes to yummy udon noodles. So if anyone out there is wondering how long to cook Dry Udon… i would use the 4 min mark to start tasting and then decide how tender you like it and every stove is different ( Mom has a power burner that shaves 2 mins off of pasta cooking- I don’t)
I found a GREAT recipe when I googled Udon and got a blog I have never read before but it was a guest post by No recipes, the author whom I got to meet a few moons ago! So this felt really safe to try.
But I cheated a lil.
I had found some Hon Dashi… a shortcut to making dashi stock (sneaky me!). Its fishy smelling but once its diluted its wonderful! I used 6 cups of water and two packets of this dashi to make “stock”.
I continued to add all the other things like Mirin, soy sauce, salt and other stuff.

I added scallions… cuz i loves them. Garlic, and etc etc all the other stuff i have been adding to my Instant and semi homemade Udon… it gets a lil redundant once you know what you are looking for.

When the broth was ready, I added the noodles to warm them up. I added shrimp again because the dude laying in bed asked for shrimp too.

I served mine without chili powder, mostly in part to the fact that Henry was using the powder to sprinkle over ever sip (because hes crazy) and I fell in love.
Udon is amazing.
Its easy to make and is comforting (possibly healing in addition to being yummy according to Henry) and while I love this soup I will be waiting a while before I dive into another pot of Udon… there is only so much I can take! I need rice! and Beans! and some kind of RED MEAT!
All jokes aside, I am so incredibly grateful to Asian Food Grocer.com for letting me mooch some groceries. I now can make two different Japanese dishes in my kitchen (hint: the other is sushi) and I have all the info I need to branch out and make my own versions of Udon.
If I could have it any way of the three I described- it would be any of the three.
If you are going for quick and easy the instant works for those on a budget and have about $3 to spend. If instant grosses you out and want to take a semi-homemade approach then the 2nd method is for you! (i just have to find the name of the bottle of stuff so you can be prepared) and lastly, if you want to experience udon from start to finish from scratch, open the link from No Recipes. Its easy and incredibly user-friendly!